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ASULV elections must be stalled

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

ASULV just this week announced the nominees for student body president, executive vice president and senators. The election period goes from Monday to Wednesday next week, which means students have only a week to know the candidates and their platforms, such as they are. A meet-and-greet yesterday was the only somewhat formal opportunity students had to hear about the two candidates’ proposals.

One such event less than one week before the close of voting is not enough time for students to make a decision about who represents them and controls $840,000 in student activity fees. The students of this University should have enough timely access to the candidates to know their platforms and purpose so they know who they are voting for and being represented by.

Several of the candidates have taken their campaigns to Facebook and Twitter, where other students in leadership positions are voicing their support of the various candidates. Posters highlighting the candidates’ virtues are plastered around the school to catch students’ eyes in the hope of gaining facial recognition. However, these efforts are simply not enough.

In the interest of democracy and a fair election, the Campus Times strongly urges ASULV postpone the vote for at least a month so they can be adequately vetted by their constituents. During this time ASULV should hold forums, candidate debates and other events and activities that provide a forum for students to hear their candidates’ ideas and platforms.

As a University election, it is ridiculous that candidates do not have debates, or even speeches—something that is done in even elementary school elections.

More importance needs to be given to student elections here. If not, how can they expect candidates to fully feel the responsibility for their position? This rushed election process is not only a discredit to the students, but the candidates themselves, who surely want to have more time to get their fellow students to be excited about backing them. Also, holding more events would get more students interested in voting and becoming more active in how our student government works.

For these reasons, the Campus Times calls for the election to be stalled.

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