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Asylum seekers face harassment

The UK Home Office has been accused of interrogating LGBT asylum seekers to prove their sexuality with humiliating questions regarding their sex lives in order to gain entrance to the UK.

Despite the Home Office Committee being advised to determine an individual’s sexual orientation as sensitively as possible and are forbidden to ask intrusive or inappropriate questions, the committee continued their investigations with degrading questions such as, “Did this person ejaculate inside you?,” “Why did you use a condom?,” and “Was it loving sex or rough?” according to and The Guardian.

Adoronke Apata, an activist who sought refuge from Nigeria, told the horrific stories she has heard about the UK Home Office interrogating LGBT asylum seekers, by even going so far as to ask for videos of them having sexual intercourse with their partner.

According to, nearly 25,000 applicants attempted to find asylum in the UK but approximately 75 percent of those refugees were refused protection. The UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group reported in 2010 that up to 98 to 99 percent of LGBT asylum applicants were rejected with only 30 percent of applications later being approved.

Although no testimonies have been reported, the charity No Going Back has made it its goal to ensure liberty, equality and justice for LGBT asylum seekers in the UK. An online petition on has started in efforts to make the UK Home Office follow strict guidelines that do not uncomfortably question with a person’s private sexual life.

The UK Home Office should better monitor the interviews that happen between committee members and possible refugees. The disturbing interrogation questions should immediately stop and rather than have judgment placed upon the asylum seekers to prove their sexuality, the committee members should instead question asylum seekers their reason for fleeing their country rather than conduct perverted harassment.

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