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Cal Grants cuts will hurt La Verne

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

State budget cuts in recent years have caused California public colleges to deny admission to hundreds of thousands of students.

In 2014 students at California’s private colleges and Universities stand to suffer in the face of devastating budget cuts, this time to Cal Grants.

Since 1955 the Cal Grant program has provided students who attend private colleges with scholarship money.

The program provides about $1.6 billion a year to help 394,000 California college students at private colleges. This includes 33,000 private college students

However, the maximum number to students attending private colleges and universities is decreasing. This fall the Cal Grant scholarship award will decrease by $1,000 to roughly $8,100 a year for students attending a California private college.

The cuts will affect nearly all University of La Verne students starting college in 2014.

The lost funding not only affects those who attend the private universities, but it affects public institutions as well.

UCs have become harder to get into due to the academic standard they set. This over-populates the CSUs with the students who were not accepted by the UCs. In turn, community colleges would have to turn away more students also.

Private colleges help with the significant capacity problems state-wide institutions face.

Then there is the obvious dilemma for students who do attend private universities.

They are not getting as much money to help pay for school, leaving them with outrageous amounts of debt once they graduate.

Maybe, students, parents, and school administrators should write letters to Gov. Jerry Brown voicing his or her concerns.

Petitions may get Brown’s attention as well.

The Cal Grant decreases not only affects private colleges, but all state-wide universities and the students who attend and them.

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