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Club helps seniors use technology

Tyler Harrison
Staff Writer

The senior citizens at Hillcrest received a lesson in technology from the University of La Verne’s Enactus Club. Enactus stands for entrepreneurship, action and us.

It is a business club that gives back to the community.

“A lot of people think in business you just make money for yourself,” Shannon Kramer sophomore business major, said. “This club gives back and it makes you feel good.

Kramer joined Enactus this semester. While volunteering at Hillcrest, she helped a resident to research laptops online and decide which best met her needs.

The club has been at the University of La Verne since its founding in 2006 by Professor of Management Issam Ghazzawi.

It was formerly called Students in Free Enterprise or SIFE.

Enactus plans community engagement events. Recently its members traveled to Mexico to volunteer at an orphanage and built a water tank.

They have also taught elementary school children in the area about the importance of healthy nutrition.

Hillcrest Residents were first given a brief introduction to the event and then were offered the chance to participate in one on one instructional session primarily focused on phone, tablet and computer usage.

“I wanted to properly and practically educate on cyber security,” said Michael Chaoui, senior international business and language major and project manager for the event. “Mainly, this is the group that is the largest target for cyber theft and crime.”

Many of the residents at the event had questions regarding social media, particularly Facebook.

They were advised by Enactus students about how to use social media features, like checking in, safely.

Nancy Ringwald uses her iPhone primarily to text her grandchildren. During her one on one session, she learned about minimizing applications, downloading and setting wallpaper, using Facebook and the camera.

“I had the phone and I’ve struggled through many things,” Ringwald said. “This would get me to places I wouldn’t and stuff I can actually use.”

For more information about getting involved Enactus, contact Ghazzawi at

Tyler Harrison can be reached at

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