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Davis has golf team on the rise

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Jolene Nacapuy
Assistant Sports Editor

Competitive. If he could repeat it over and over, that would be the word used to describe him.

Chris Davis, head coach of the golf team, is a competitive character and shows this on and off the course.

“Being head coach for the second year is a little easier,” Davis said. “The first year was a challenge because it was all new to me.”

Davis has been working with the golf team for three years, his first year as a graduate assistant.

“Golf is challenging and competitive but one of the perfect sports to push yourself in,” he said.

Davis’ competitiveness and vibes affect the team positively and team members said he is a great inspiration.

“Coach Davis is great and definitely a competitor,” senior team member Paul Gomez said. “He drives each one of us to never give up.”

Davis has been playing golf since the age of 10, totaling 17 years now.

In 1995, at the age of nine, his grandpa bought him golf clubs for Christmas and from then, he was into playing golf.

“If he never bought it, I wouldn’t be where I am at today,” Davis said.

Davis played golf for three years in high school and four at ULV and said that the times at La Verne were the most memorable.

“Coach Higgins was a big part of where I’m at,” Davis said. “The characteristics that he brought helped me to strive to become the person I am today.”

Davis graduated from ULV in 2009, with a bachelors’ degree in psychology.

He is a third of the way in completing his masters degree in the masters of science leadership program.

“The fact that coach Davis played through high school and college is a plus,” freshman team member Alec Spencer said. “He knows exactly what he’s doing and what we’re doing so he can relate to us.”

Davis enjoyed coaching golf in high school and he could not turn down the offer.

“I wanted to take coaching to the next level and opened up my eyes as a full-time coach,” he said.

With the golf season coming off to a slow start, Davis pushes each one of his players to reach their full potential.

“The development of everyone’s game is good,” Davis said. “Just trying to win conference and then work from there.”

At the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference preview, and edged out Chapman, with a score of 293.

“The season so far is great, although we didn’t start at our best,” Gomez said. “But we stayed positive and we’re getting better each time.”

“Helping us as a team and individually is really beneficial because he gets us ready for each event,” Spencer said. “He works on our strengths and weaknesses and it makes things easier to adjust to.”

The golf team placed third at the SCIAC No. 1 and traveled to Georgia where the team finished in fifth placed among Division III golf programs in the country.

“It’s great to work with the student athletes today because they’re lots of fun to work with,” he said. “They enjoy the game as much as I do and their motivation is great.”

When he is not practicing his golf game outside of La Verne, Davis is still keeping in touch with sports by watching his teams, whether it is USC or the Lakers.

“I’m a big sports fanatic,” Davis said. “I can’t stay away from sports.”

Being surrounded by sports at a young age, Davis naturally fits in the sports environment, especially in ping pong, which is his absolute best.

“He does love ping pong,” Gomez said. “Play against him, but he’ll beat you.”

As the season progresses, Davis is looking forward to nationals. At nationals, he is able to see where they are at as individuals and as a team.

“In golf, you never master it. It is a continuous challenge,” Davis said. “You have your best days and then the next could be the worst.”

The team recently came in first at the SCIAC #2 with a final score of 568.

Davis strives to push the team to be the best that they can be.

“A lot of that is competitiveness,” he said. “I make sure I bring that and hope that the team does as well.”

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