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Take dining comments seriously

In the Davenport dining hall during lunch and dinner time you will hear it. The occasionally unhappy student will moan and groan about how the food of Café Bon Appétit does not satisfy his or her hunger or taste buds.

“Oh…this is gross, I can’t eat this,” one student said.

Other students just bash the food while it sits on their plates untouched.

“The chicken is so dry, it is like sandpaper going down your throat,” one student said.

While this is not the opinion of every student, it does bring some concern.

For such issues, Café Bon Appétit does provide a comment card board in which students can voice their concerns or make suggestions.

There are rarely any suggestions. And if there are it is usually something vulgar or insulting such as, “This food is horrible.”

Students complain how Davenport doesn’t change for the better, however, hardly any constructive criticism is given.

Café Bon Appétit even sent out an email this past November asking students to write specifically in an encouraging way on ways to improve food quality instead of the immature, unhelpful remarks students wrote. Maybe more students’ requests and suggestions would be honored if there were fewer unconstructive negative comments and more positive feedback such as this comment:

“If you guys could bring back the crunchy peanut butter, as well as the build-your-own pancakes from last year that would be fantastic. In addition, egg white options when omelets aren’t available would also be appreciated. Thank you,” one student wrote, providing a legitimate example of a constructive and actually helpful comment card.

For now, it remains all negative talk.

Café Bon Appétit will take feedback into consideration to improve the quality and services of the dining experience for students, if the students do their part to provide actual feedback.

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