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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Tokowitz Sterling has had a remarkable amount of media coverage lately, but for all the wrong reasons.

On April 25, TMZ Sports, a subsidiary of our favorite celebrity gossip website TMZ (not so much this writer, but you get the idea) released what was reportedly a racist comment made by Sterling earlier this month. Sources say that Sterling had essentially voiced his displeasure to his girlfriend concerning her having taken a picture with NBA legend Magic Johnson and posting it on Instagram; his complaint purportedly dealt with her (his girlfriend) taking too many pictures with black individuals.

Such comments have created for a firestorm of criticism directed at Sterling from individuals both inside and outside of the NBA, including President Barack Obama himself. When asked about Sterling’s remarks at a press conference in Malaysia, Obama criticized Sterling’s remarks as ‘ignorant’ and emphasized the need for educating individuals on the importance of eliminating such bigoted sentiments and remarks, as “the United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race and slavery and segregation.” At a time when the Clippers players and their fans should be celebrating the team’s triumphant entry into the playoff elimination rounds for the first time in decades, Mr. Sterling’s comments have unfortunately marred the team with needless distractions about racism.

Such remarks have no place in our society, nor any for that matter. One’s race, or skin color are not partisan issues! Remarks such as those professed by Sterling are of a dying breed, fortunately, but the work of exorcising the remnants of racism of our society remains, and it will be up to us as College Democrats to take up the mantle and do our part to ensure a lasting legacy of equality and freedom from racism for those who will follow.

ULV College Democrats

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