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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Recent months of conflicts of interest between numerous levels of representation at this University have created chaos, confusion and mistrust at La Verne. This has been evident through the strife of possible unionization, the legitimacy of the elected associated student body and the outcry of increased tuition that was made to be ‘transparent and clear.’ This is not the mistake of a single person. Apathy and miscommunication have been running their course.

Although our chances seemed few, public forums were made open for us to voice concerns and discuss matters that affect our experience, but the last town-hall meeting made it clear that certain students have different priorities and intentions. Mentioning ‘concerns’ such as the retention of the thickness of pizza crust and the creation of fraternity and sorority housing within Oaks is what seems to take greater precedence over issues that could ultimately lead to our school shutting down. Delving into such matters prevents us from having necessary conversations that will, with more relevance, reflect the greater values and future of the University. If such topics are to be addressed, they should be raised in the right forums. Our university should go beyond its aesthetic value that appeals to the instant gratification of students to make our academic and social experience better.

We have raised fingers and exacerbated situations by pushing the wrong buttons for the aforementioned matters, but we need to remember that the power of students is stronger than any other on this campus; this is evident as 98 percent of the school’s finances are tuition-driven. The administration, faculty and our representatives in student government are not at our whim, rather they are our guides to molding our minds and our paths into making something of ourselves and making this institution a beacon of knowledge and excellence. If they are not serving us properly, it is up to us to make sure that they do so or to request their removal from their respective positions. We have senates, both student and faculty based, and coalitions for numerous departments and topics that are in place to hear our voices…if they are loud and clear. Let us ensure that our tuition dollars be used to strengthen the student body and not hold it back.

Tahil Sharma

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