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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Support the troops – when will the slogan become a reality? Recently I saw a three-tour Afghanistan veteran with a sign that said “Veteran – help me find a job.” I watched while hundreds of cars, many with “Support the Troops” bumper stickers and American flag decals on their cars went by. Not one person stopped.

My girlfriend and I talked to him – he says this happens all the time. Unfortunately, some people keep voting for representatives of one of our political parties; this party has (usually unanimously) voted against the following bills: Wounded Veteran Job Security Act, Veterans Retraining Act, Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program, Disabled Veterans Home Improvement Act, Veterans Business Center Act, and Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act. We have over 20,000 homeless veterans in Los Angeles County and over 100,000 across the nation, and we’re voting for people who enact policies that cut benefits for them?

This isn’t just immoral; it’s criminal.

This letter is a call to all students and faculty at the University of La Verne to (a) educate yourself about the realities, and (b) take a stand on one or more of the myriad issues in today’s American society: the lack of compassion and respect for veterans, the attack on birth control and women’s right, the “religious” attack on the LGBT community, the Pipeline, Citizen’s United, Climate Change, the huge inequities in wealth, immigration, voting rights, minimum wage, gun laws (or the lack thereof), health care, the attack on unions, gerrymandering, and the push by some to ignore the Constitution and make us a theocracy, to name a few.

As the saying goes, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good (people) to do nothing.” In a democracy, We, the people are the government. “What can I do?” needs to become “Here’s what I am doing.”

What kind of a country do you want us to be? And what are you willing to do to help achieve those goals?

Dan Kennan
Adjunct Professor of Sociology

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