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Misogyny headlines La Vernapalooza

If the lyrics: “Beating and stabbing it / Speaking of stabbing it where ya bitch she just text me,” don’t tickle your fancy.

Then maybe: “She wants to touch me / She wants to love me / She’ll never leave me / Don’t trust a ho / Never trust a ho” or “See the switch when she walk / Give the bitch an applause / My bitch, call her my bitch if I want” will fulfill your need for horribly sexist anthems.

Those are just a few of the lyrical gems from the artists that will be (dis)gracing the Fox Theater stage at this year’s LaVernapalooza. Whether you are there to have a good time or there to enjoy what some label as hip-hop, you are supporting artists who continually write misogynistic songs, and sadly receive profits for their lyrical trash.

Big Sean, who was arrested for sexual assault in 2011, BAS, the up and coming rapper using the same sexist ploys as Big Sean, and 3OH!3, the douche-tastic duo who slipped into obscurity years ago will be singing their sexist little hearts out for La Verne students next week.

And, frankly, this is a pretty bad match for the University.

Just last month, the Campus Times reported about the recent surge in feminist clubs on campus, like One in Three, Shades of Essence and

Several other clubs and events at La Verne also show that many of these misogynistic views of women are fortunately starting to decline.

However, when you invite artists that encourage their fans to chant, “Suck a dick, bitch!” at their concerts, you are not only disenfranchising so many students who do not agree with this attitude, but you are encouraging and normalizing it by making it fun.

Who cares if the increasingly progressive values of students’ are obliterated or worse ­­­­­– trivalized and made fun of ­in the name of a good time?

While we understand that there are several factors that contribute to who the University can get for this event, from cost to artists’ tour dates, are there really no other non-women hating artists who can perform for us?

We need to get artists whose messages align with those that the University supposedly upholds so highly, or at least artists who so many of us would not find offensive. The school cannot continue to silence students who are trying to make positive changes for women on campus by overshadowing their efforts with a blow out concert of sexist trash at the end of each year.

This is not the first time (remember LMFAO?), but we should try to make it the last.

LaVernapalooza will not change until we as a student body change and demand better choices for the annual blow-out that cost 12.5 percent of the student activity fees. Tell CAB and ASULV that you don’t want your money to perpetuate misogyny.

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