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Parking permit prices to rise 31%

Kellie Galentine
Assistant LV Life Editor

The price of University parking permits will increase by about 31 percent in fall 2014.

The price of parking passes will increase from $95 per year to $125 per year for students, and faculty and staff parking fees will increase by the same ratio from $20 per month to $26 per month.

“I completely understand and appreciate and am sensitive to the fact that the price of parking at La Verne was significantly lower (in the past),” Stanley Skipworth, director of campus safety and transportation, said. “Unfortunately that same status quo in terms of parking on campus prevented from planning for the future and for additional parking facilities.”

Parking passes allow students, staff and faculty to park in any of the on-campus parking lots from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Skipworth said the increase in price allows for maintenance of the current parking lots as well as funding safety features like emergency telephones and security guards. The additional funds will also allow for the shuttle lot to remain free for everyone and for the planning of new parking facilities in the future.

Along with this increase, incoming freshmen will not be able to buy parking permits.

“Those (freshmen) that have a car will have the opportunity to park in the shuttle lot,” Skipworth said.

Current student Chelsea Morin, senior international studies major, said she disagrees with singling out the freshmen.

“We should come together to find a solution instead of targeting one specific group,” Morin said.

Transportation and Parking Services offers alternate options for students such as the class pass with the Foothill Transit, a free bus pass for all current students at the University.

“I do like the bus, it is like a little adventure. It is a little tricky to learn the bus schedules but I like having the option,” Morin said.

Transportation and Parking Services also encourages riding bikes and offers free U-Lock for students who register their bike with Campus Safety.

“Every person who rides a bike to work or to school is one less car that we have to worry about,” Skipworth said.

Skipworth said that in the past, La Verne has been behind other universities who recognize that the parking fee should include investing in the future.

At Chapman University the cost of a parking permit is $330 per year and at California State Fullerton a parking permit is $458 per year.

Students have mixed feelings about the increase in parking permit cost.

“I would rather not pay the extra money, but if I have to, it is fine I guess,” Katherine Kibbe, sophomore business administration major, said.

“Not everyone can afford parking passes, but the people who are more wealthy will have more of an advantage,” Greg Amaya, sophomore kinesiology major, said.

Despite the students’ feelings, the parking prices will still rise.

“It is an investment for now and for the future,” Skipworth said.

The office of Campus Safety can be followed on Twitter @SafetyULV for updates on safety and transportation and more information about parking can be found at

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