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Pomona PD honors Law Enforcement Week

Erum Jaffrey
Staff Writer

The Pomona Police Department’s open house on Tuesday allowed the public the opportunity to take a look inside the department and see what day-to-day operations are like.

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., curious visitors strolled in for guided tours of the department, led by police personnel.

The event coincided with National Law Enforcement Week, which pays homage to officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

“We were just passing by and stumbled upon the open house,” Amanda Guerrero, an Upland resident, said.

The tours took visitors inside secure areas only officers have access to such as the jail cells, the Dispatch Center and the Records Bureau.

Adjacent to the jail cells were the “drunk tank” where individuals are held until they are able to sober up.

The strip search cell was also shown, which is where individuals are interviewed and strip searched for their own safety, and the safety of officers.

“These jail cells are only for temporary living, and we only hold up prisoners here for a couple of days before we send them to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility,” Pomona Police Department officer Ruth Flores said.

The Twin Towers facility, located in Los Angeles, is the jail where departments send individuals when they do not have the facilities to hold them.

Visitors also had access to the printing room, where mug shots are taken, and the briefing room.

Law enforcement displays were outside that featured specialized units such as the K-9 Unit, Traffic Bureau, SWAT and School Resource Officers.

“My son really had fun talking to the SWAT officers and loved sitting inside the SWAT vehicle,” Guerrero said.

Guests witnessed the Helicopter Unit take off, which is mainly used for perimeter checks and in pursuits.

The CSI Department held a fingerprinting booth for children.

“We’ve had about a thousand students come throughout the day from various schools,” Vince Terrell, community programs and crime prevention supervisor said.

Various volunteer opportunities are available for students interested in the department like the Explorer program, which provides hands-on training for those interested in becoming an officer.

“Our Explorers go to competitions against other city police departments and participate in high-risk vehicle stops and other police related activities and are judged off that,” Terrell said.

The department also holds other events throughout the year like Coffee with a Cop and National Night Out, which give community members insight on what the Pomona Police Department does on a daily basis.

“Events like this bring transparency to the community because people get a chance to see how dispatch operates, and they get to talk to officers from different departments to see what their job is like,” Terrell said.

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