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Overdrafts no longer a nightmare

Overdrafts no longer a nightmare
Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas Banks have always been a person’s best friend, or worst enemy. And lately, banks have not been enjoying the limelight during the economic recession and the public’s ire at being bailed out while other industries were left to go bankrupt, leaving the banks to reassess many of their policies that, while it benefitted them during the economic boom, now are... 

Waste less, go trayless

Many colleges have adopted a new habit in campus dining halls and guess what, it’s eco-friendly: Going trayless at the dining hall. Davenport Dining Hall at the University of La Verne permanently adopted this technique, or rather, this way of life at the beginning of this school year, and we are proud of the University for taking us in a greener direction. “Many students seem to not mind going... 

Bring NASA back down to Earth

Bring NASA back down to Earth
Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas When was the last time you got excited over something involving space or space exploration? It seems that as we go further into the future, the less we become excited about all those futuristic promises we were fed as children. Within the past couple weeks several announcements have been made about the progress of NASA and their plans for space exploration.... 

What happened to civility?

Lately civilized debate does not get air time. Unfortunately, uttering facts – long, complicated facts – does not get air time. Respectfulness to people, tradition and customs does not get air time either. While this editorial is not about the media’s role in who gets reported on and who does not, it has become the norm to give the loudest, most disrespectful person the main coverage, even if... 

Textbooks should come cheaper

Textbooks should come cheaper
Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas It is that time of year again, when we scrounge up the rest of our grant money or for most of us, the rest of our checking account, and buy textbooks. Now, it would not be a terrible task if it were as simple as it sounds, buy a few textbooks. But at La Verne and at most educational establishments, purchasing textbooks is like pulling teeth and can be almost... 

Addressing enrollment issues

Although the University of La Verne is great in many ways – and we love our small classes and individual attention from professors – it is no secret that we have an enrollment problem. And our decreasing enrollment is contributing to the University’s financial problems. As currently-enrolled students, we know what attracted us to ULV and we think we have a good idea about what could attract... 
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