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Tech not expected to slow registration

A number of recent technology glitches have students worried about registering for January and spring classes, with registration beginning Monday morning. A major concern for students is the University’s Wi-Fi and the possibility that it might not be able to handle the overload of students trying to claim classes. “When not that many people are using [the Wi-Fi] it runs OK at best,” said Edwin... 

Student ambassadors engage in new program

Des Delgadillo News Editor Ten students were announced as the University’s first set of presidential ambassadors Sun­day at a ceremony held at the University House in Claremont. Mirrella Bautista, Nicole Cuadras, Melissa Diaz, Nabel Haro, Bradlee Johnson, Oscar Mauricio, Tamar Miot, Reginald Mitchell, Vidya Narayanas­wamy, Victoria Perez, Adam Plax and Kevin Santos became the first group of students... 

Lot D closes for construction

Beginning Monday, parking Lot D will be closed until late next year, with commuter students now required to park in the University’s shuttle lots. Set to last until the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, the closure of Lot D, currently the only on-campus lot available to commuters, marks the beginning phase of construction on the University’s upcoming four-story parking structure. “We’d... 

University rolls out new LiveSafe app

The University continued to beef up its technology in the name of safety over the summer, switching to a new mobile safety app, as well as implementing more advanced radio communication between Campus Safety officers. The switch from LeoSafe, which was just introduced last fall, to the new and feature-rich LiveSafe, came on the heels of the LeoSafe developers discontinuing future updates to the app. “That... 

Campus Times Podcast, Ep. 10: David Asbra

  ASULV President David Asbra sits down with the CT Podcast to discuss his recent trip to Washington, D.C., in support the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act and its effects on Greek life. Plus, Asbra sheds some light on lobbying in front of Congress.  Read More →

Campus Times Podcast, Ep. 9: Football Head Trauma

  With concussions and head trauma being an ongoing issue in football, we spoke to members of the ULV football team as well as experts in the field to weigh the risks and rewards of playing the game.  Read More →

Campus Times Podcast, Ep. 8: Earth Week

  The University of La Verne celebrated Earth Week this week, a series of environmentally conscious events including the grand opening of the new University garden. We spoke with students and faculty alike about the University’s commitment to sustainability, as well as tips for being environmentally conscious.  Read More →

Campus Times Podcast, Ep. 7: ASULV Winners Q&A

We catch up with newly elected ASULV President Lauren Crumbaker and Vice President Nicole Cuadras to discuss their upcoming term, a new bylaw that has created controversy and plans for the future.  Read More →

Campus Times Podcast, Ep. 6: Farmers Market

  La Verne Fresh is the newest take on the La Verne Farmers Market. We caught up with the manager of the farmers market as well as others in the community to discuss why the event will be the freshest place to be in La Verne.  Read More →

Campus Times Podcast, Ep. 5: Student Films

  Sound meets film as the Campus Times Podcast highlights the two senior project student films at ULV. Directors Serena Ghazzawi and Melanie Rodriguez discuss the obstacles and excitement of making their respective projects.  Read More →
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