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CAB plans a shipload of fun

Jesse Evans Staff Writer The Campus Activities Board will host its annual formal tonight titled “An Evening Adrift” aboard a 3,000-square-foot yacht in the open sea. CAB sold tickets from Feb. 9 until Feb. 28. Students also had the option of buying a bus ticket for an extra $5 so they do not have to drive to Long Beach, where the yacht will depart from. “I’ve never had the experience of dancing... 

Paintings use abstract color to show daily life

Jesse Evans Staff Writer The West Gallery in the Campus Center opened its new gallery series, “A Man in the Garden,” with a reception Tuesday. The series is by Iranian artist Zohreh Moysaybei and Dion Johnson, gallery curator, picked three of the 10 paintings from the series. “The colors are unique and capture the different emotions, people and times of day.” Johnson said. Photo reproductions... 

New bloggers attract potential Leos

New bloggers attract potential Leos
Sophomore Danielle Burgess is excited to be among the student bloggers chosen by the admissions office to write about their lives and experiences at ULV. The 19 year-old biology major plans to go to medical school after she finishes her undergraduate studies. / photo by Allison Lavelle Jesse Evans Staff Writer The student blogging program is in its second semester and the University of La Verne has... 

David Flaten celebrates his father’s art

David Flaten celebrates his father’s art
David Flaten, professor of theater arts, presents the work of his father in his Monday lecture, “Celebrating the Word: Arnold Flaten’s Sculp­ture, Archi­tecture, Painting and Stained Glass.” Arnold Flaten, who viewed art as a form of meditation, worked for 38 years at St. Olaf College in Minneapolis, where he built the Art Barn, one of the college’s most distinctive buildings. / photo Warren... 
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