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Movie Review: ‘Birdman’ entertains with humor and visuals

Katie Madden Managing Editor With masterful cinematography, sharp dialogue and a lot of heart behind the blackness, “Birdman” or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is a dark, daring and entertaining ride to kick off the much anticipated Oscar season. Riggan Thomson (played by Michael Keaton) is an aging and long dormant actor best known for his portrayal of the wildly popular superhero Birdman... 

Commentary: Trigger warnings are necessary

<i>Commentary</i>: Trigger warnings are necessary
Katie Madde, Managing Editor I’m tired of having to read articles in class that vividly describe gruesome rape cases with no warning whatsoever. I’m tired of having videos of graphic violence thrown in my face. I’m absolutely exhausted of being told to suck it up and deal with it. For some people the term “trigger warnings” brings to mind ideas of censorship or violation of free speech, while... 

Ferguson panel analyzes legal consequences

Katie Madden Managing Editor Law professors and practicing attorneys conducted a discussion for students, visitors and faculty to watch and participate in on Tuesday night at the La Verne College of Law. The panel, “Ferguson: A Call for Understanding and Action,” focused on the legal ramifications and justifications involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Missouri last month. Before... 

Commentary: We cannot ignore racism anymore

<i>Commentary</i>: We cannot ignore racism anymore
Katie Madden Managing Editor It has been more than a month since Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Although the media storm has quieted down and the camera crews have all but left the small St. Louis suburb, this is a story that cannot go away any time soon, despite the fact that some people say we should not talk about it anymore. There... 

CA Senate approves assault bill

The California State Senate last week unanimously approved a bill to require the state’s colleges and universities to implement an “affirmative consent” standard for dealing with sexual assault cases. Senate Bill 967, also called the “yes means yes” bill says that affirmative consent in sexual activity is an “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement” between the partners involved,... 

The Courage to Heal: Life after sexual assault

<i>The Courage to Heal</i>: Life after sexual assault
Clara Serrano, a junior business administration major, Alma Ayala, a sophomore business administration major and Kim Navarro, a junior business administration major discuss the product, Unplugged Budz at Take Back the Night last Friday. The proceeds from the sales will go directly to House of Ruth, a local organization that helps women and children affected by domestic violence. / photo by Katie Madden Katie... 

Rape Culture: The media’s role in normalizing assault

<i>Rape Culture</i>: The media's role in normalizing assault
Denise Leung, senior photography major; Lili Gradilla, intercultural program coordinator; Tahil Sharma, senior foreign languages major; and Jacob Talamantes; senior psychology major, paint encouraging messages to victims of sexual violence during the Take Back the Night event last Friday. La Verne counselors Julee Lamott and Sarah Leclerc set up the booth to teach students about the harms of victim... 

Celebrating Sigma de Mayo

Celebrating Sigma de Mayo
Vivian Aceves and Rosa Vargas, junior biology majors, enjoy King Taco at Phi Sigma Sigma’s Sigma de Mayo event on the South Quad last Thursday. Phi Sigma Sigma held the event to raise money for their chapter. / photo by Katie Madden  Read More →

A feminist playmate?

A feminist playmate?
Gia Karpouzis, sophomore philosophy major, argues that women who pose for Playboy Magazine are doing great harm to the feminist movement. She spoke after her partners, Mary Anne Mendoza, senior political science major, and Marissa Solomon, senior political science and speech communication major. The debate team hosted a public debate Wednesday about the morality of posing for Playboy in honor of Women’s... 

Students “play for a cause”

Tatiana Raygoza, a sophomore kinesiology major, and Arian Avila, a junior kinesiology major, enjoy the bounce houses at the CAB event “Play for a Cause” to raise awareness about Tourette’s Syndrome. CAB Special Events chairman Tyler Bertao was inspired to plan the event because his brother has Tourette’s and he wants to help dispel rumors about the disorder. / photo by Katie Madden  Read More →
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