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Commentary: Thank you to all the leaders

<i>Commentary</i>: Thank you to all the leaders

Upon becoming a resident assistant I remember being told that no one else besides other RAs would be able to relate to the things you go through. A year later I find that sentiment to only be half true.

Restaurant Review: Bangkok Blue serves red-hot Thai

When I walked into Bangkok Blue in La Verne the aroma of Thai cuisine immediately made me hungry.

Students support hike in texting fines

Though many believe that young adults do not truly understand the dangers of driving while texting, La Verne students understand the dangers and accept the laws and fines placed on the activity.

Movie Review: ‘Fast Five’ revamps vehicular mayhem

Waiting for the movie theater lights to dim I could not figure out if “Fast Five” was merely a cash cow marketing scheme to squeeze more life out of a franchise or if it was an actual attempt to revitalize and continue a story for the sake of the bigger picture.

Fashion Review: Tribal fashion is on the rise

<i>Fashion Review</i>: Tribal fashion is on the rise

The westernized tribal chic style has swept the runways of some of fashion’s noted designers and become one of the most influential and leading trends this spring.

Restaurant Review: Flappy Jack’s flips delicious food

There is a saying that if a restaurant is constantly busy, then the food must be good. Flappy Jack’s Pancake House Restaurant in Glendora more than proves this sentiment.

Restaurant Review: Norm’s Hangar offers secret delights

<i>Restaurant Review</i>: Norm’s Hangar offers secret delights

There are only three words to describe Norm’s Hangar Coffee Shop: hidden yet delicious.

Movie Review: ‘Scream 4’ takes a stab at a reboot

A decade later the fourth installment of “Scream” proves that Wes Craven is still truly a master of the horror genre with the continuation of the Scream franchise.

La Verne seeks new dining options

After nine years with Sodexo food services, the University of La Verne has decided to place a bid for other companies to fulfill the University’s residential dining, retail and catering needs.

Preparation key to earthquake safety

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has served as a wake-up call for California residents wondering when and where the next “big one” might happen, and how best to prepare.

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