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Lab fees belong to departments

Every year as the semester starts many students hand over both their tuition and a lab fee that is suppose to benefit them in their major. The departments are able to use these fees toward their budgets to care for the department’s equipment.

RHA wins two awards at regional conference

The University’s Residential Hall Association upheld its successful reputation by winning two awards at the Pacific Affiliation of College and University Residential Hall Conference.

Lipson reveals secrets of legal affairs, evidence

Lipson reveals secrets of legal affairs, evidence

Ashley Lipson, professor of law, spoke about how mathematical and scientific evidence is presented in court and also how it can be altered to provide different perspectives.

T cell, toxin link discussed in lecture

Christine Broussard, professor of biology, gave a faculty lecture titled “An Investigation of Non-genomic Effects of Selected Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals.”

Tuition increase slated for fall

Undergraduate tuition will increase another 6.5 percent for the 2012-2013 academic year, bringing the total to $33,400.

Economy, debt troubles complicate post-grad plans

In an ailing economy many college students find themselves trying to fund their education with loans, and when they graduate they end up thousands of dollars in debt with no job offers.

Donahue discusses sea of problems

Donahue discusses sea of problems

A presentation about ocean laws turned into a discussion about issues facing the world today that concern the environment and international laws.

Longtime LV Trustee Lowell Brubaker dies

Longtime LV Trustee Lowell Brubaker dies

Lowell Brubaker, a long-time University of La Verne Board of Trustees member, died at his home in Hillcrest in La Verne on Nov. 6 due to declining health. He was 94.

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