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Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society held its annual induction on Wednesday in La Fetra Auditorium.

News Briefs

Campus events for the week of Nov. 18, 2011.

Lipstadt lecture sheds light on Eichmann trial

In remembrance of Kristallnacht, Deborah Lipstadt, professor of modern Jewish and holocaust studies at Emory University, shared the story of the capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann, a war criminal responsible for the deaths of millions of Jewish people.

Lamkin discusses Haydn’s music

Lamkin discusses Haydn’s music

Professor of Music Kathleen Lamkin shared her knowledge of the use of Joseph Haydn’s music in the Moravian communities of North America on Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

First person experience: Conference helps build ULV’s future leaders

My experience at the National Association for Campus Activities West regional conference left me in awe as I watched rock bands and comedians perform while being surrounded by hundreds of spirited college students from around the world.

Commentary: Cutting loan program would hurt, not help

<i>Commentary</i>: Cutting loan program would hurt, not help

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul promised that he would cut the federal budget by $1 trillion if he is elected president.

Lecture challenges New Testament legitimacy

Lecture challenges New Testament legitimacy

Bart Ehman, a distinguished professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina delivers his lecture, “Is the New Testament Forged? The Surprising Claims of Biblical Scholars.”

Graduation time frames remain small at ULV

To the dismay of tuition payers everywhere, the traditional four-year bachelor’s degree is more commonly becoming a five-year degree as students take longer to complete their education.

Rob Fukuzaki shares field experiences at Communications Day

Rob Fukuzaki shares field experiences at Communications Day

Rob Fukuzaki, sports anchor for ABC 7 and University of La Verne alumnus, returned to deliver the keynote speech for Communications Day.

Linarelli discusses law, tradition

Linarelli discusses law, tradition

John Linarelli, associate dean for academic affairs and professor of law, drew chuckles from the audience when he said he was going to try delivering his lecture in 10 minutes on Monday afternoon.

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