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Commentary: There is room for women in sports, too

<i>Commentary</i>: There is room for women in sports, too
Jolene Nacapuy, Editor in Chief Women are not acknowledged enough or shown much respect in the sports world. This has gone on long enough. Women are starting to break the barriers, but it seems they remain in a man’s world, and that needs to change. Women are constantly treated as second-class citizens in the sports world. They have a limited role in professional sports and to me, that is not OK. The... 

Commentary: Annual tuition spikes harm more than help

<i>Commentary</i>: Annual tuition spikes harm more than help
Karla Rendon, News Editor Three years ago during my first Convocation at La Verne I was given something that was very dear to me – a tassel with a 2016 gem attached to it to symbolize the goal of my graduating “on time.” I made sure to keep the tassel hanging from the rear view mirror of my car as a constant reminder of my goal. Everyday I would see the tassel swing side to side and everyday... 

Commentary: Views on American Muslims must change

<i>Commentary:</i> Views on American Muslims must change
Erum Jaffrey, Arts Editor The American Muslim condition in the 21st century can be deemed as paradoxical. On one hand, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States, but it is also one of the least known about and judged religions in America. With the recent negative onslaught of Muslims in the media, it is safe to say that we have been examined and dissected under the microscope for years,... 

Commentary: A-Rod doesn’t deserve to be paid for milestone

<i> Commentary</i>: A-Rod doesn’t deserve to be paid for milestone
Jolene Nacapuy, Sports Editor The New York Yankees are not going to pay designated hitter Alex Rodriguez for tying and passing Willie Mays on the all-time home run list, although it is stated in his contract that he should receive a $6 million bonus for each milestone that he passes. On May 3, Rodriguez tied Willie Mays with a go-ahead home run in the top of the eighth inning against the Boston Red... 

Commentary: Tom Brady deserves his ‘inflated’ punishment

<i>Commentary</i>: Tom Brady deserves his ‘inflated’ punishment
Jolene Nacapuy, Sports Editor The NFL suspended New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for four games after a report was found that he was aware of the deflation of footballs before the AFC Championship game in January. In addition to Brady’s suspension without pay, the Patriots were fined $1 million and lost two draft picks. The Patriots also suspended the two equipment staffers believed to... 

Commentary: NFL should crack down on domestic violence

<i>Commentary</i>: NFL should crack down on domestic violence
Julian Mininsohn, Podcast Producer The topic of domestic violence just doesn’t seem to stop coming up in the NFL. After Adrian Peterson’s child abuse incident, Ray Rice’s elevator debacle and Frank Clark’s hotel scene, I was hopeful the violence would subside. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy is the latest member of the NFL domestic violence club. Hardy was... 

Commentary: Public figures must remain professional

<i>Commentary</i>: Public figures must remain professional
Jolene Nacapuy, Sports Editor On April 20, ESPN suspended reporter Britt McHenry for a week, after a video of her angrily criticizing a towing company surfaced online. McHenry’s car was towed from a parking lot in Washington, D.C., by Advanced Towing Company and she decided to take the route of anger. In the released video, McHenry said a few things such as “That’s why I have a degree and you... 

Commentary: Real feminism involves intersectionality

<i>Commentary</i>: Real feminism involves intersectionality
Kristina Bugante, Editorial Director Lately I’ve been noticing that feminism is being gradually (albeit very slowly) accepted by more and more people. I applaud that. In my ideal world, we’re all feminists, tolerant of each other and fighting for the rights of marginalized people. However, feminism is complicated. There are many misconceptions that surround the label and there are even more misconceptions... 

Commentary: No human should be treated as ‘illegal’

<i>Commentary</i>: No human should be treated as ‘illegal’
Karla Rendon, Editorial Director My uncle was a whiny 8-year-old and my mother was a nervous 10-year-old when they crossed the border from Mexico to the United States alone, without any other family, in hopes of a better life. With the help of fake birth certificates and “coyotes,” or human smugglers, they were able to safely pass border patrol as they waited in a crowded house for several days... 

Commentary: Trigger warnings are necessary

<i>Commentary</i>: Trigger warnings are necessary
Katie Madde, Managing Editor I’m tired of having to read articles in class that vividly describe gruesome rape cases with no warning whatsoever. I’m tired of having videos of graphic violence thrown in my face. I’m absolutely exhausted of being told to suck it up and deal with it. For some people the term “trigger warnings” brings to mind ideas of censorship or violation of free speech, while... 
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