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Commentary: We cannot ignore racism anymore

<i>Commentary</i>: We cannot ignore racism anymore
Katie Madden Managing Editor It has been more than a month since Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Although the media storm has quieted down and the camera crews have all but left the small St. Louis suburb, this is a story that cannot go away any time soon, despite the fact that some people say we should not talk about it anymore. There... 

Commentary: Bill Nye the ‘all-of-a-sudden political’ Guy

<i>Commentary</i>: Bill Nye the ‘all-of-a-sudden political’ Guy
Christian Orozco, Web Editor Science is a wonderful tool to determine, question and hypothesize different questions we have about Earth and the universe. This is why we learn about different sciences in grade school all the way up to meeting general education requirements in college. Those who excel in this area of education go on to do wonderful things and discover facts that many of us could not.... 

Commentary: NBA gives new meaning to the student athlete

<i>Commentary</i>: NBA gives new meaning to the student athlete
Julian Mininsohn, Sports Editor Now that the college basketball season has ended it is time for decisions. The top college basketball prospects around the nation decide if they want to take their talents to the NBA. Many have already declared and many more will. This year’s draft will be full of freshmen, including Kansas guard Andrew Wiggens and center Joel Embiid, as well as Duke forward Jabari... 

Commentary: Net neutrality may be a thing of the past

<i>Commentary</i>: Net neutrality may be a thing of the past
Des Delgadillo, Copy Chief Netflix and Comcast agreed to a deal last month that will see Netflix pay the U.S. Internet service provider an undisclosed amount in exchange for faster access to customers. For the average user, the deal means “Orange is the New Black” will load quicker, but at a dangerous precedent for how internet and content providers do business in the future. Although the recent... 

Commentary: Trolls being taken seriously is seriously dangerous

<i>Commentary</i>: Trolls being taken seriously is seriously dangerous
Kellie Galentine, Staff Writer Most of the time I have faith in humanity, but then I stumble upon websites like Return of Kings is a site dedicated to renewing masculinity as defined by the pseudonym contributors, all who “believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine.” The site glorifies sexual assault and domestic violence as central to the “masculine” mindsets,... 

Commentary: Fantasy football sacks productivity

<i>Commentary</i>: Fantasy football sacks productivity
Julian Mininsohn, Sports Editor Fantasy football is not simply a hobby anymore. It is a sports in itself. It is a lifestyle. It is an obsession. People spend countless hours preparing for their league drafts, studying which players to add to their team, and managing their teams throughout the NFL season. All of it is to gain a competitive edge, and in some cases to win money. The problem is not how... 

Commentary: Boxing judges knock the honesty out of sport

<i>Commentary</i>: Boxing judges knock the honesty out of sport
Christian Orozco, Editorial Director Professional boxing judge C.J. Ross stepped down from her position on Sept. 17 and now the boxing world can exhale with relief. Ross was the judge who scored the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez fight an even 114-114. Although Mayweather won the decision, when the 114-114 scorecard was read by Jimmy Lennon Jr. it left fans scratching their heads... 

Commentary: PEDs change sports world forever

<i>Commentary</i>: PEDs change sports world forever
Julian Mininsohn, Sports Editor It is easy to think that baseball is ruined. From the Alex Rodriguez debacle to Ryan Braun lying to the face of the sports world it is hard to believe that the legacy of America’s favorite pastime is not tarnished. However, “ruined” may not be the correct word. Performance enhancing drugs have changed the lens through which we look at sports. The business of sports... 

Commentary: Ruining your childhood, one cartoon at a time

<i>Commentary</i>: Ruining your childhood, one cartoon at a time
Veronica Orozco, LV Life Editor Waking up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons was always a weekly ritual for me as I am sure it was for most children in America. Though I am only 20 years old I have seen shows like “Power Puff Girls” slowly fade into the past and other shows like “Scooby Doo” morph from a once beloved children’s mystery show to a high school drama focusing more on relationships... 

Stop trashing the parking lots

Stop trashing the parking lots
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff During the day, all anyone will see in the parking lot is the blank, black pavement as they circle the lot hunting for a spot, little does the driver know that the vehicles are hiding a dirty little secret. At night, when the sea of cars has subsided and only those that live on campus are left in the lot, it is obvious to see that something is wrong. Parking spots... 
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