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Commentary: Musical recitals are a good start

<i>Commentary</i>: Musical recitals are a good start
Christina Collins Burton, Arts Editor With four weeks left of school, I am happy to see a generous amount of culture coming to the campus in the form of music. Since the opening of the Ann and Steve Morgan Auditorium, the sound of singing has been echoing throughout Founders Hall. As good as it is that our music is finally able to be heard on campus, where are the rest of our arts? There is a healthy... 

Commentary: Fine facilities are underused

<i>Commentary</i>: Fine facilities are underused
Daniel Hargis, Associate Sports Editor At most colleges and universities, gyms and workout rooms are open for most of the day for the students to use at any time. However, the University of La Verne is not most colleges and universities, as the gym and workout room hours are minimal. Our gym does not have any listed hours to be used for recreational basketball, so if you want to play with friends you... 

Commentary: Music industry is hitting a sour note

<i>Commentary</i>: Music industry is hitting a sour note
Branden del Rio, News Editor Anybody who knows me personally knows that I take my music very seriously. I keep my collection of almost 2,600 songs on my iPod, which is constantly in my pocket or sitting right in front of me. I also take pride in knowing that of those 2,600 songs I have acquired about 95 percent of them by legal means. I have either bought them on iTunes, bought tangible CDs as soon... 

Commentary: 3-D movies are not necessary

<i>Commentary</i>: 3-D movies are not necessary
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief I go to the movies quite often. I probably go too often if you ask my friends; I have seen the movies most television previews advertise. I enjoy being entertained and escaping from the world for two hours during a stressful week. Throughout all of my movie-going, I have noticed an annoying, and some may say alarming, trend among movies. Picture this scenario: you... 

Commentary: Where has the real news gone?

<i>Commentary</i>: Where has the real news gone?
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Two weeks ago one of my communications professors commented that his news quizzes, which cover the top 10 names in the past week’s news, usually have one recurring name throughout the semester and was hoping Charlie Sheen would be removed very soon. That comment got me thinking about the media’s story priorities. Why does the media have low standards? They are... 

Commentary: There is hope after all

<i>Commentary</i>: There is hope after all
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor For the last four seasons the football programs has been at the bottom of the La Verne sports totem pole. The baseball program went to the SCIAC tournament three out of four seasons, and won the tournament once. The women’s volleyball team had an undefeated season and went to the NCAA championship game. Those are just two of the programs that have had success while our... 

Commentary: Going Greek: The tale of a nonbeliever

<i>Commentary</i>: Going Greek: The tale of a nonbeliever
Lauren Creiman, LV Life Editor As I stood in front of the doors to Campus Center Ballroom A (with two balloons in hand) and listened to the cheers coming from inside, I felt nervous. A minute later, the doors opened and I walked in to reveal my new allegiance to the room full of waiting women. For most of my life, I have been skeptical of Greek life. My judgment was influenced by popular television... 

Commentary: There’s an app for that?

<i>Commentary</i>: There’s an app for that?
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Anyone who has an Android or an iPhone can agree they are either addicted to or enjoy downloading applications to help pass the time. These applications, which can be downloaded for free with the occasional advertisement interrupting your play, are a big reason behind the purchase of these types of phones. But honestly, is there a need for an app for absolutely everything? When... 

Commentary: Policies need to be enforced

<i>Commentary</i>: Policies need to be enforced
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Laws, policies and rules are made everywhere to make those involved safe. They are at companies, in countries and even at the University of La Verne. However ULV seems to make some policies just to up their reputation, not to actually abide by them. On the Campus Safety website, it says, “The University of La Verne is a ‘dry’ campus … prohibiting possession... 

Commentary: Philanthropy goes beyond sororities

<i>Commentary</i>: Philanthropy goes beyond sororities
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief I have never been a fan of Greek life. I went into college not wanting to rush or pledge for any sort of sorority. I wanted to make my own way on campus and make my own friends. I understand that you do not get friends but rather brothers and sisters that you get to hang out with during college and afterward. But I have a sister and I do not need any more. Girls can... 
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