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Commentary: Going Greek: The tale of a nonbeliever

<i>Commentary</i>: Going Greek: The tale of a nonbeliever
Lauren Creiman, LV Life Editor As I stood in front of the doors to Campus Center Ballroom A (with two balloons in hand) and listened to the cheers coming from inside, I felt nervous. A minute later, the doors opened and I walked in to reveal my new allegiance to the room full of waiting women. For most of my life, I have been skeptical of Greek life. My judgment was influenced by popular television... 

Commentary: There’s an app for that?

<i>Commentary</i>: There’s an app for that?
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Anyone who has an Android or an iPhone can agree they are either addicted to or enjoy downloading applications to help pass the time. These applications, which can be downloaded for free with the occasional advertisement interrupting your play, are a big reason behind the purchase of these types of phones. But honestly, is there a need for an app for absolutely everything? When... 

Commentary: Policies need to be enforced

<i>Commentary</i>: Policies need to be enforced
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Laws, policies and rules are made everywhere to make those involved safe. They are at companies, in countries and even at the University of La Verne. However ULV seems to make some policies just to up their reputation, not to actually abide by them. On the Campus Safety website, it says, “The University of La Verne is a ‘dry’ campus … prohibiting possession... 

Commentary: Philanthropy goes beyond sororities

<i>Commentary</i>: Philanthropy goes beyond sororities
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief I have never been a fan of Greek life. I went into college not wanting to rush or pledge for any sort of sorority. I wanted to make my own way on campus and make my own friends. I understand that you do not get friends but rather brothers and sisters that you get to hang out with during college and afterward. But I have a sister and I do not need any more. Girls can... 

Commentary: Smokers have rights too

<i>Commentary</i>: Smokers have rights too
Branden del Rio, News Editor Not too long ago the University of La Verne adopted a policy which would further restrict where smokers could smoke. The policy, which will be enforced on Jan. 1, will restrict smokers to lighting up in parking lots. As long as smokers are acting within the law they should not face poor treatment. Under California Law AB 846 smoking is prohibited 20 feet away from the entrance... 

Commentary: A misunderstood obsession

<i>Commentary</i>: A misunderstood obsession
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor I have an obsession. And that obsession is sports. It began I was little and my dad signed me up for soccer. Every time there was a family event, we would build a makeshift goal and play a game of five on five. We would worship the soccer players on television; my idol was Mia Hamm. She was everything I wanted to be: fast, graceful and had excellent footwork. I remember asking... 

Commentary: Be ready for me, journalism industry

<i>Commentary</i>: Be ready for me, journalism industry
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief I obviously have chosen to attend the University of La Verne to receive a degree in journalism. I went into this knowing the industry is known to be dying. However, if a writer has the will or the way to get into it, they will thrive and work doing something they love to do. Thriving in the industry as a writer with a strong mind is something I have always dreamed... 

Commentary: Nicki Minaj saves hip-hop with ‘Pink Friday’ album

<i>Commentary</i>: Nicki Minaj saves hip-hop with ‘Pink Friday’ album
Michael Phillips, LV Life Editor In the last few months it has been hard to not hear Nicki Minaj on the radio, whether it was on singer Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up,” Sean Kingston’s “Dutty Love” or her own song “Your Love.” To many, the Lil Wayne protégé has magically appeared on the music scene, but she has actually been making music since 2007. The female rapper has done what few other... 

Commentary: Let’s all just play fair

<i>Commentary</i>: Let’s all just play fair
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor Covering a sporting event is one of the most exciting things to do in the field of journalism. You get to feel the energy of the crowd, the emotions of the players and the thrill of the game. When one of our staff writers comes up to me and tells me that the game was really good, I get excited because I am thinking that I am going to get a good story. But then their faces... 

Commentary: Marriage is meant to be religious

<i>Commentary</i>: Marriage is meant to be religious
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief During one of our weekly editorial board meetings, we were discussing what we would like to put into our “New Governor Wish List.” All of the editors present, excluding me, said to ask our new Gov. Jerry Brown to support gay marriage. I used my veto and said I would not risk my conservative beliefs and did not agree to place the wish on our list. After much unappreciated... 
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