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Commentary: Journalism is still alive

<i>Commentary</i>: Journalism is still alive
Carly Hill, Arts Editor People tell me all the time that journalism is dead. That there is no possible way to make it in a digital world with a print background. And you know what I have to say to that? Well, most of the time it involves a lot of yelling, perhaps some crying and a few curse words strung in for added effect. Which brings me to last weekend, when I added another weapon to my arsenal... 

Commentary: Being conscious of what you eat takes work

<i>Commentary</i>: Being conscious of what you eat takes work
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief As hopefully everyone knows, obesity is a national epidemic and sadly the bad eating habits have been passed on to younger people, including children. In a time of economic crisis, people are working multiple jobs to pay the bills and therefore overlook healthy eating as a part of their busy day. It has become more convenient and cheaper to run over to McDonald’s... 

Commentary: Little things can mean everything

<i>Commentary</i>: Little things can mean everything
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief I should be considered a superhero. No, seriously. I am not even being arrogant when I say that. At nearly 19 years old I realized I give a lot of myself for the benefit of those who need things more than I do. This all started March 2009, during my senior year of high school. As most other high schools, my school’s Associated Student Body would hold about three... 

Commentary: Not like the movies

<i>Commentary</i>: Not like the movies
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief The typical college experience is depicted in movies as the most exciting time of any person’s life full of parties, Greek life and experiencing new things. The depiction is pretty accurate, especially the extreme drug and alcohol use, and the open sex lives. However in my case, I make movies look like liars. I do not drink, I do not use drugs, illegal or legal,... 

Commentary: The hot and cold of cellular phones

<i>Commentary</i>: The hot and cold of cellular phones
Michael Phillips, LV Life Editor When I think about how many cell phones I have had in my life I am reminded of the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” minus the porridge. So instead of being almost eaten I ended up with 12 cellular phones, some of which were not even worth the upgrade. As human beings we have come a long way with our cellular devices. From the 16-ounce brick phones, to the... 

Commentary: Unexpected overreaction to celebrities

<i>Commentary</i>: Unexpected overreaction to celebrities
Carly Hill, Arts Editor I am not one to get star struck. One of the first things you learn as a reporter is that everyone is equal, some people have different expertise. I have learned to treat everyone as a normal, average person on the street. Some people just have more bodyguards that you have to cross to get to them. Which has helped in a lot of situations, whether it was interviewing ULV President... 

Commentary: The end of an addiction

<i>Commentary</i>: The end of an addiction
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief Access to more than 500 million profiles of people around the world is just a click away on Facebook. From photos of family vacations and college parties to up-to-date statuses, almost anyone can view what Facebook users have to say. Of course, everyone knows the security and privacy issues an online social network presents, and a lot of users take the precautions... 

Commentary: Rockin’ out is better by myself

<i>Commentary</i>: Rockin’ out is better by myself
Carly Hill, Arts Editor I hate being alone. No, really. Ask my friends, or look at their phones, which probably have 20 unanswered text messages at this very second. Now at 21 years old, I got lonely. However, there is one surprising thing I actually enjoy doing alone. I get the biggest rush from going to concerts by myself. After getting a freelance gig at a music magazine, requiring me to venture... 

Commentary: Mexico City brings culture, not fear

<i>Commentary</i>: Mexico City brings culture, not fear
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor When my parents first told me that we were going to take a family vacation to Mexico City, I got a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. All I had heard from the media, other family members and my boss was how dangerous Mexico City was and how a different American was getting kidnapped and held for ransom every other week. Co-workers were telling me to be careful and... 

Commentary: A reflection on lessons learned

<i>Commentary</i>: A reflection on lessons learned
Kristen Campbell, Editor in Chief After being asked to apply numerous times, I finally gave in and volunteered 10 days of my cherished summer vacation to be a girls’ camp counselor in July. Little did I know these days would become the most enlightening part of my summer. I arrived at Sacred Heart Girls’ Camp in Big Bear on July 23 to the smiling faces of college women who would soon become my... 
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