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System fails in Seattle shootings

System fails in Seattle shootings

Certainly, celebrities and athletes have an edge in rehabilitation for their crimes, something that Maurice Clemmons, the man suspected of fatally shooting four Seattle policemen on Nov. 29, did not have, but had a knack for getting out of prison regardless.

How ULV should use its windfall

How ULV should use its windfall

Yes we know the economy is still bad. We also know the University and the Budget Task Force are looking at how best to spend an unexpected $2 million currently in the budget. Here are our suggestions.

TMZ shouldn't tee-up news

With all the controversy surrounding the Tiger Woods case, we are in a sense left to rely on one source: TMZ.

Give us a break

It seems like no big deal to add on a week for the semester in fall – and spring, which is what the administration has done effective this September. But it is a big deal to us.

Let's all do our part to fight hunger

The United States received some pretty sobering news Monday: There are more hungry people in this country now then at any other time since the government has tracked the statistic.

Acknowledge the peaceful majority

The recent Fort Hood shooting raises the question we as a country face every time an attack, of any magnitude, takes place domestically, what was the motive of the attacker?

Let's paws and think about cats

Let's paws and think about cats

There is an ethical point to be considered – the morality of inflicting pain on cats. We know the practice of onychectomy – declawing cats – is cruel.

Unit increase marks improvement

Unit increase marks improvement

The Faculty Assembly’s recent decision to allow undergraduate students to take a maximum of 18 units effective this spring semester is a great advancement for the University of La Verne.

Being healthy has its benefits

Since the public option seems more and more likely to be included in a healthcare reform bill, an important part that might be overshadoweded is preventative health.


Franken amendment is a no-brainer

The amendment to the FY2010 Defense Appropriations Bill proposed by newly elected Minnesota Sen. Al Franken essentially ensures people employed by defense contractors with the Department of Defense can sue corporations without being forced into private, internal arbitration.

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