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Crowding diminishes quality

La Verne has bitten off more than it can chew with students who have transferred to the University from other institutions this semester. The problems of unusually large class sizes — combined with a lack of physical space to house classes, cars, etc. — went from bad in fall 2012 to worse this spring. The number of students who have been admitted this semester alone threatens to keep transfers... 

Friendship is magic

Friendship is magic
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff  Read More →

Commentary: Should we sacrifice social media or social justice?

<i>Commentary</i>: Should we sacrifice social media or social justice?
Monique Millan, Staff Writer Whether it’s tweeting every five minutes about boredom in class, or sending cryptic statuses about an ex on Facebook – everyone is involved in social media. However, in the digital age, lawmakers struggle to retain our right to speak freely, but they now find themselves caught in an even more difficult spot: How to address the dilemma of cyber bullying. Social networking... 

ULV is a dry campus on paper only

Saying that the University of La Verne campus is dry is like parents telling their children that the Easter Bunny exists, yet everyone knows the truth. Alcohol is openly served at some faculty and alumni events on the ULV campus, yet the administration continues to label the campus as dry. This label is inconsistent with the current activities, policies and products available on the ULV campus. Students... 

Website still needs a makeover

With the school cranking out fliers and other propaganda promoting the University, one update that should not be put off is sprucing up the University of La Verne website. Potential students who are considering La Verne visit the website as a reference and it is always the first impression one gets of the school. In this case, the impression would first be a nice and clean website with any information... 

Commentary: #Do #not #hashtag #everything

<i>Commentary</i>: #Do #not #hashtag #everything
Brian Velez, LV Life Editor I wish the Soviet Union still existed and the communists forced people to ration their hashtags. Hashtags on social media are used to connect people but some people use hashtags all the time. Hashtags work like the index of a book, allowing people to find conversations or comments on some social media by using specific words. A person may enter #NewYork in the search bar... 

Parking problems were preventable

The parking nightmare we are currently caught up in was inevitable. University administrators saw it, even the students saw it, but nothing substantial was done to prevent it. With the University continously accepting more students than it can accommodate in a city that, shall we say, likes its peace and quiet, the new parking regulations, which prohibit street parking on most streets walking distance... 

Respect the campus. RESPECT IT.

Respect the campus. RESPECT IT.
Christina Collins Burton, Editor in Chief As a freshman at the University of La Verne, I was absolutely terrified and excited for what would happen in my four years here. I was stuck saying “Yes, sir” and “Yes, ma’am” for about a year and a half before I learned that professors are people too. I have not been the wild and crazy type and parties were foreign to me until my sophomore year.... 

Commentary: Vegetarians are people, too

<i>Commentary</i>: Vegetarians are people, too
Veronica Orozco, News Editor In most universities, there are always students complaining about the food in their dining halls. At the University of La Verne, there is no exception. Complaints about flavor, preparation and lack of variety are always mentioned and sometimes worked on, but one thing that is never changing is the lack of options for vegetarians. As a vegetarian, I know the struggles of... 

Seceding: The action of sore losers

Seceding: The action of sore losers
Editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff President Obama has not even been sworn in for a second term and already the people of the United States are throwing a temper tantrum. While most people take to the internet to bash and complain, a couple of our fellow “Americans” have taken to the site in an attempt to say “I quit” and secede from the United States. When the website... 
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