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CMA says legalize weed

The California Medical Association on Oct. 14 became the first medical organization to openly recommend the full legalization of marijuana. Immediately after the CMA released its position on the issue, the association received criticism from the California Police Chiefs Association as well as doctors who deemed the statement as irresponsible. The issue has been hotly debated among doctors in California. “CMA... 

Commentary: Empty plots butcher modern horror

<i>Commentary</i>: Empty plots butcher modern horror
Christina Collins Burton, Managing Editor It is Halloween, a time I usually like to celebrate by going to see the latest installment of a horror movie franchise that studios love to beat to death. This year it will be “Paranormal Activity 3,” which I have very little hope for. Last year it was the final “Saw” film, which only confused me and made me very angry with the Jigsaw legacy. I am beginning... 

Pennies, nickels and dollars too pricey

Pennies, nickels and dollars too pricey
Rarely do we the people come across a policy that makes so much sense and has so many immediately positive effects as the latest Congressional issue of reforming the United States’ monetary system. In 2010 the United States mint determined that the penny, cost 1.79 cents to produce and distribute. Minting the annual average of roughly 3,487 million pennies across the United States that same year... 
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Multilevel parking

Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez  Read More →

Housing should be need based

Housing should be need based
Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez With tuition rising and the state slowly pulling Cal Grants, it is no wonder that many students are scraping to find places to live while they further their education. Several instances of students crashing in friend’s dorms or using their cars as a home away from home have been heard of on the University of La Verne’s campus. Many of these instances can be blamed... 

Women awarded for peace

On Oct. 7 the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the first-ever shared Nobel Peace Prize awarded to three women. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee, and Yemeni activist Tawakkul Karman are this year’s winners. The committee in Oslo said the women were chosen for their nonviolent struggle in obtaining women’s rights and peace in their nations. This award not... 

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I hope that the La Verne community will join me in mourning the passing of a true American hero, Brother Fred Shuttlesworth. Mr. Shuttlesworth was a dynamic voice of reason, dignity and hope during the civil rights movement. He was one of countless African-American people who stood up for what was right and showed incredible courage in their stand against racism and oppression. As a 46-year... 

Commentary: Brown signs DREAM Act into law: DREAM act should go back to sleep

<i>Commentary</i>: Brown signs DREAM Act into law: DREAM act should go back to sleep
Lauren Creiman, News Editor The California DREAM Act, which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last weekend, will allow illegal immigrants who graduate from high schools in California to apply to the state’s public universities as residents. It will also consider undocumented students eligible for a reduced tuition rate as long as they prove to be on the path to legalization by applying for... 

Dead celebrities kill media credibility

Steve Jobs drove a Mercedes without any license plates and was never ticketed for it. Steve Jobs was a supposed deadbeat dad. Steve Jobs died at such an early age of 56. Steve Jobs. Amy Winehouse. Michael Jackson. Heath Ledger. Anna Nicole Smith. These, among many more, are the names that reigned your television sets 24 hours, eight days a week. While across the nation, police brutally assault protesters... 

Commentary: Brown signs DREAM Act into law: Act lets DREAMs become a reality

<i>Commentary</i>: Brown signs DREAM Act into law: Act lets DREAMs become a reality
Julian Burrell, Assistant Editor California Gov. Jerry Brown recently passed the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, which offers minors who have entered the United States illegally at age 15 or younger a chance at citizenship and federal grant scholarships provided they have shown interest in entering the country as students and are not felons. I stand in full favor of the DREAM... 
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