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Beauty Review: Make-up adds a bit of glam to life

Natalie Veissalov LV Life Editor Most women love shopping for make-up and trying new products. Being surrounded by different cosmetics is something that makes most women happy. I contacted BeneFit cosmetics and Hard Candy cosmetics’ public relations representatives, and they sent me free cosmetics to sample and review. Both brands have a funky and flirty edge to them. Not only is BeneFit cosmetics... 

Beauty Review: Price a factor when selecting facial treatment

Natalie Veissalov LV Life Editor As a college student, I know how it feels when you become overwhelmed and stressed out to the point that your skin breaks out. Most of us have had a breakout in our lives – mild or severe. It can be frustrating to fight that blemish especially before an important date or event. So I decided to do a beauty review on two blemish fighting treatments. I contacted Murad’s... 

Unearthing a natural beauty

Unearthing a natural beauty
Affordable organic beauty products can be healthy for the body, and as well as the environment. Illustration by Michael Escañuelas Natalie Veissalov Editor in Chief Paying top dollar on organic products such as organic beauty products and clothing has become a thing of the past. Many companies and stores have come out with affordable organic products that are natural and healthy for you and the... 

Commentary: Costume shopping shouldn't be scary

Charlie Neff Staff Writer With Halloween around the corner, many students are looking to find the perfect costume. Hopefully this will serve as a guide for those students struggling with costume decisions. One can’t underestimate the importance on Halloween of looking good, having the freshest costume and showing a little creativity as well. The Disney classics seem to be a huge hit this year with... 
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