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Forever 21, H&M are top buys for students

For some college students, fashion is as important as taking tests, attending class and getting good grades. A recent survey on campus found that many students, both male and female, shop at Forever 21 for clothes and accessories.

Amnesty International club launched at ULV

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million people who advocate ending the abuse and unfair human rights that occur around the world. The University of La Verne’s new Amnesty club hopes to spread its knowledge across the ULV campus.

LAMP lights path for first generation students

University of La Verne alumni are giving back to students by starting a new program called Latino Alumni Mentors and Professionals.

Students share dos and don’ts of dating fashion

When it comes to first dates, students tend to get stumped on what to wear. Dress to impress or be casual and comfortable? University of La Verne students share their dos and don’ts of first date fashion.

Iota Delta hosts ’80s fundraiser

Iota Delta hosts ’80s fundraiser

Saturday, the women of the Iota Delta Sorority filled a portion of Las Flores Park in a sea of neon colors by hosting a 1980s themed volleyball fundraiser.

Branch gathering

Branch gathering

During his afternoon biology lab Sept. 20, freshman Daniel Miller climbs an olive tree in the Quad to get an untouched branch sample to observe.

Phi Delta Theta wins basketball tourney

Phi Delta Theta wins basketball tourney

Tuesday night marked the end of a two-week battle for the Campus Activities Board’s intramural basketball tournament.

Foreign students adapt to life at La Verne

International students are an important and ever-growing part of the La Verne community. Yet as these students leave home and enter this new environment, there are things they must get used to here.

Students struggle to find parking

Students struggle to find parking

With the glut of new students on campus this fall, the small University’s challenging parking situation has become even more challenging.

New club looks to ‘renew’ La Verne

New club looks to 'renew' La Verne

Renew, a new Christian club, is ready to spread the “good word” to the University of La Verne.

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