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Book Review: Roboticist ponders the hypothetical

<i>Book Review</i>: Roboticist ponders the hypothetical
Michael Saakyan Book Editor During October 2006, roboticist Randall Munroe found out NASA would not be renewing his contract with the Langley Research Center. With new free time on his hands, Munroe began to work on his webcomic series, “xkcd.” Munroe uses stick figures in “xkcd” to bring humor to technology, science, mathematics and pop culture. The webcomic quickly became a fan favorite... 

Book Review: Young writer brings laughs and gore

<i>Book Review</i>: Young writer brings laughs and gore
Michael Saakyan Book Editor Their skin is decomposed and smells rancid. The expression on their face looks like they were punched in the face with a shovel. They can’t think, they can’t run and they live on a well-balanced diet of brains. These creatures are zombies and there has recently been an outbreak of them in Los Angeles. The first person to get caught up in the middle of the zombie apocalypse... 

Book Review: Cracked writer tackles Internet crash

<i>Book Review</i>: Cracked writer tackles Internet crash
Michael Saakyan Book Editor The Internet. Where would we be without it? What would you do with those photos of every single meal you have ever eaten and who would see those duck faced selfies? We as a generation rely heavily on the Internet. We go to restaurants and bars and before giving a drink order we ask, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Some students may recall a time where there was no Internet.... 

Book Review: Pugilist presidents will knock you out

<i>Book Review</i>: Pugilist presidents will knock you out
Michael Saakyan Book Editor Have you ever wondered what it would be like to battle one-on-one with the most powerful men in history? Punch Richard Nixon in that long Tricky Dicky nose or kick slavery loving Franklin Pierce in that pretty boy face of his. If your answer is yes then’s Daniel O’Brien has the right book in mind for you. “How to Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against... 

Book Review: Handler tries to handle South Africa

<i>Book Review:</i> Handler tries to handle South Africa
Michael Saakyan Book Editor After having ACL surgery for a bad knee, the best thing to do is take plenty of time to relax, stay off your feet and maybe work from home. But for E! Network’s Chelsea Handler, knee rehab consists of planning a safari in South Africa with plenty of friends, booze and Xanax. “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is the new memoir of the “Chelsea Lately” host. Revolving around... 

Book Review: Cabby recalls eccentric passengers

<i>Book Review</i>: Cabby recalls eccentric passengers
Michael Saakyan Book Editor Steady work for a D-list comedian is hard to come by, so when your wife announces she is pregnant with your first child you have to make a big change in your life. In the case of New York comedian Jimmy Failla the change resulted in becoming a certified cab driver. Failla is best known for his stand-up comedy work all over the stages of New York’s greatest comedy clubs.... 

Book Review: ‘Office’ actor pens quirky tales

<i>Book Review</i>: 'Office' actor pens quirky tales
Michael Saakyan Book Editor When the publisher Knopf announced last year that Emmy Award-winning comedy actor B.J. Novak from “The Office” had signed on to a two-book seven figure deal, the assumptions were obvious. Novak would remain where he has had the most experience with: comedy. A book written maybe with the same narcissist hipster persona of the temp Ryan Howard. A quirky memoir like his... 

Book Review: Morrissey reveals veiled truth

Des Delgadillo Staff Writer It is almost impossible to deny Steven Patrick Morrissey’s contribution to popular culture over the last 30 years. His lilting voice and foreboding vocals earned him a place atop the U.K. Music charts for three straight decades, as well as a place in the hearts of melancholy teenagers the world over. Always regarded as a wordsmith among pop stars, Morrissey’s autobiography,... 

Calderón reaches out to bilinguals

Rachel Sandoval Staff Writer Students and faculty filled the Harris Art Gallery on Tuesday for the “Poetry and Crisis” lecture and a bilingual poetry reading led by Mexican poet Alí Calderón. The event had a bilingual atmosphere that included readings that Calderón has written himself. “I have always thought that given the fact there is such a large Hispanic student body at our University,”... 

Poetry club auditions slam

Poetry club auditions slam
Freshman biology major Kandinsky Maraquin auditions for the Slam Team, the University’s poetry club, Oct. 3 in Morgan Auditorium for his first time and goes onto the next round. Another tryout date will be announced to finish auditions for the team due to lack of publicity. / photo by Stephanie Ball  Read More →
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