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Calderón reaches out to bilinguals

Rachel Sandoval Staff Writer Students and faculty filled the Harris Art Gallery on Tuesday for the “Poetry and Crisis” lecture and a bilingual poetry reading led by Mexican poet Alí Calderón. The event had a bilingual atmosphere that included readings that Calderón has written himself. “I have always thought that given the fact there is such a large Hispanic student body at our University,”... 

Poetry club auditions slam

Poetry club auditions slam
Freshman biology major Kandinsky Maraquin auditions for the Slam Team, the University’s poetry club, Oct. 3 in Morgan Auditorium for his first time and goes onto the next round. Another tryout date will be announced to finish auditions for the team due to lack of publicity. / photo by Stephanie Ball  Read More →

Peel sheds layers through ‘Catharsis’

Alison Rodriguez Staff Writer Some students spend their free time on the Internet, others spend it out with their friends. But in this case, sophomore psychology major Matthew Peel spends his free time writing and publishing poetry and prose. This past April, Peel had his own book of poetry published by a company called AuthorHouse. It is available online now for purchase. The book, “Catharsis,”... 

Book Review: ‘S-Word’ gives the whole story

<i>Book Review</i>: ‘S-Word’ gives the whole story
Christina Collins Burton Book Editor Imagine waking up, getting ready for class, leaving your home and seeing the letters S-L-U-T written all over your car. In Chelsea Pitcher’s story in “The S-Word,” this is a reality for a 17-year-old girl. The story follows similar coming-of-age stories that take place in high school. The feeling of “tiers” of popularity shares the same kind of structure... 

An-Hwei Lee fills Chapel with ‘Joy’

An-Hwei Lee fills Chapel with ‘Joy’
Karen An-Hwei Lee shares poetry from her book, “Phyla of Joy,” at a poetry ready on April 25 in the  Chapel. The poems look at the joy of simple things with a focus on prayers, dream-like worlds and the intimate beauty of small moments. Lee described writing as an act requiring discipline while being therapeutic at the same time. Lee lives and teaches in Southern California. / photo by Chelsea... 

Book Review: ‘Interestings’ is above average

<i>Book Review</i>: 'Interestings' is above average
Christina Collins Burton Book Editor Picking up Meg Wolitzer’s “The Interestings” and trying to read the book between projects is a mistake. After getting past a plot set-up that takes a while to get off the ground, there is no going back. This book will entertain and completely absorb readers. This story of friendship that is followed from the 1970s to the modern world is like trying to get... 

Book Review: ‘Stung’ leaves a scar on readers

<i>Book Review</i>: ‘Stung’ leaves a scar on readers
Christina Collins Burton Book Editor In Bethany Wiggins’ newest novel “Stung” the bees are disappearing and crops are dying. To help, the government has been breeding bees in labs to help save the population. Unfortunately, children stung by these super bees die. If they get vaccinated against the stings they end up turning to violent, killer beasts. Sounds like a good time right? This book is... 

Book Review: Inhuman situations uncover true humanity

<i>Book Review</i>: Inhuman situations uncover true humanity
Christina Collins Burton Book Editor Lights come on at 8 a.m. and turn off at midnight. The elevator brings food, death or nothing at all. Two months of nothing but going by someone else’s time. For the six characters in Kevin Brooks’ latest book, this is their world. The journal entry style of “The Bunker Diary” puts readers into the mind of Linus, a 16-year-old drifter who was tricked... 

Laureate speaks out for poetic truth

Laureate speaks out for poetic truth
Al Young presented the honors lecture, “Can Poetry Save the World?” on Tuesday. He read from his book, “Something About the Blues,” about politics and other topics. / photo by Hunter Cole Clo Hidalgo Staff Writer California Poet Laureate Al Young gave a lecture titled “Can Poetry Save our Planet?” in the Campus Center Ballroom Tuesday. Noelle Cozbar, president of the Honor’s Club, introduced... 

Book Review: ‘Accident’ proves sex takes priority over Hitler

<i>Book Review</i>: ‘Accident’ proves sex takes priority over Hitler
Christina Collins Burton Book Editor With a title like “The Teleportation Accident” you expect to hear about the sci-fi adventures of a nerdy, awkward pre-teen. Instead, Ned Beauman’s novel takes readers back to a vague historical reference to the 1930s to follow the misadventures of Egon Loeser in his passionate attempt to get laid during Hitler’s rise to power. Making a reference to people... 
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