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Insightful art protests rape culture

Insightful art protests rape culture
A solitary black sofa in the center of the gallery’s squared space allows the exhibit’s visitors to view the multimedia piece by artist Andrea Bowers. The exhibit titled “#sweetjane” highlights the Steubenville, Ohio, high school rape case and trial through a series of documented photos and video clips of the trial proceedings and protests by the activist group Anonymous. Bowers’ work is... 

Book Review: Cabby recalls eccentric passengers

<i>Book Review</i>: Cabby recalls eccentric passengers
Michael Saakyan Book Editor Steady work for a D-list comedian is hard to come by, so when your wife announces she is pregnant with your first child you have to make a big change in your life. In the case of New York comedian Jimmy Failla the change resulted in becoming a certified cab driver. Failla is best known for his stand-up comedy work all over the stages of New York’s greatest comedy clubs.... 

Old photography survives in digital era

Liz Ortiz Staff Writer A plastic fox figurine wearing a suit sat upright on the west lawn of Azusa Pacific University while students photographed it to further their knowledge of the collodion photography process on Feb. 26. More than 20 students participated in the Windgate Workshop, hosted by Los Angeles collodion photographer Tim Scott. He began the workshop by lecturing the students about the process... 

Students go online to fund films

Des Delgadillo Copy Chief The world of film is one of unbridled creativity and unlimited opportunity, with financial resources remaining the only finite piece to the cinematic puzzle. But with the advent of crowd funding platforms, ambitious student filmmakers find themselves on a more level playing field than ever before. “This is the best time to get into this industry that we’ve ever had,”... 


‘Art’ Dailey Theatre will present “Art” as the senior performing thesis of Jacob Tittl, Alon Dina and Jordan Randall at 7:30 p.m. Friday through Tuesday and 2 p.m. Sunday. General admission is $12, senior and faculty admission is $8 and student admission is $5. Movie Night CAB is hosting a “Frozen” movie night 10 p.m. Monday at La Fetra. Sundays at the Morgan Sundays at the Morgan will... 

Students reflect on ‘Natural History’

Students reflect on 'Natural History'
The first showing of the spring semester in the Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography entitled “Natural History” by photographer Traer Scott is a collection of candid portraits captured in the reflection off the glass at the American Museum of Natural History. Professor Al Clark discusses the photographs with his honors colloquium class while other students and faculty spoke with Scott over webcam.... 

Pappas presents students’ photos

Pappas presents students' photos
Pomona resident Sean Ketner discusses one of the photographs at the Crossroads Gallery reception Thursday evening. The twelve-photo gallery features six photos each by senior photo majors Zachary Horton and Jessie Harsen. The gallery will be on display at Pappas Artisanal in Downtown La Verne during the next three months. / photo by Daniel Hargis Erum Jaffrey Staff Writer Photographers, art enthusiasts... 


‘Art’ Dailey Theatre will present “Art” as the senior performing thesis of Jacob Tittl, Alon Dina and Jordan Randall at 7:30 p.m. March 6-11 and 2 p.m. March 9. General admission is $12, senior and faculty admission is $8 and student admission is $5. Sundays at the Morgan Sundays at the Morgan will present “Spirit of Ireland” with Michael Ryan & Friends at 6 p.m. March 9. There is... 

Schubert concert evokes emotion

Schubert concert evokes emotion
Grace Xia Zhao, artist-in-residence, performs with Dennis Trembly, a bass player from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, in the “Moment Musical” concert Sunday in Morgan Auditorium. / photo by Keenan Gilson Bernarda Carranza Staff Writer The music of Franz Schubert resonated through the walls and doors of Morgan Auditorium in the “Moment Musical” concert held on Feb. 16. The event, part of the monthly... 

Students perform opera classics

Students perform opera classics
Some of opera’s most famous pieces were performed in Morgan Auditorium Saturday night as a part of Opera Scenes, a course offered to students during January Interterm. The performance marked the end of the class and gave performers the opportunity to display what they have learned during the month-long course. / photo by Veronica Orozco    Read More →
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