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Orchestra evokes emotion with old favorites

The Pomona College Orchestra performed Saturday night at the Mabel Shaw Bridges Hall of Music at the Pomona College.

Students step to the beat of unity

Latino Student Forum kicked off its first dance of the semester filled with modern Spanish songs, Spanish classic tunes and refreshments to cool off students dancing along to DJ Bobkatt.

Mariachi sounds spice things up

Mariachi sounds spice things up

Acoustic sounds of violin, guitar and guitarron filled Morgan Auditorium Sunday evening as the soulful vocals of Trio Ellas performed a variety of mariachi music in Spanish and English.

Music Review: Teen prodigy humble in ‘Heroine’

Youth and talent make for a particularly volatile combination in the music industry, as critics and fans can trace an artist’s musical development, and by extension personal maturation, from the point of discovery to that first Grammy and beyond.

Poetry club auditions slam

Poetry club auditions slam

Freshman biology major Kandinsky Maraquin auditions for the Slam Team, the University’s poetry club, Oct. 3 in Morgan Auditorium for his first time and goes onto the next round.

Bringing out the ‘3rd St. Sounds’

Bringing out the ‘3rd St. Sounds’

Every Monday evening the harmony of a barbershop chorus rings out past the dimmed lights and stained glass of the University Chapel.

Student films inform, inspire

To showcase the skill and creativity of University students, the Cultural Arts Society of La Verne collaborated with professors to put together the 2013 ULV Student Film Festival last Thursday.

Unexpected treasures entertain at Art Walk

Lights that wrapped around replicas of cast iron streetlights and hung off of trees illuminated the night as music and laughter filled the air at Saturday’s Pomona Art Walk.

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