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‘Missing Marissa’

‘Missing Marissa’
The ULV Theater Department released its last set of directing projects last week. Senior theater major Jake Tittl starred in “Missing Marissa” by John Patrick Stanley, which was directed by senior theater major Jordan Randall. The production featured only two characters that were both missing the same elusive woman. / photo by Alison Rodriguez  Read More →

Saints, sinners explored in re-enactment

Saints, sinners explored in re-enactment
Julia Reinhard Lupton, a professor of Shakespeare Studies at UC Irvine, discusses ‘Measure for Measure’ in Dailey Theatre on Saturday. She addressed the characters’ backgrounds and certain scenes with the audience in introducing the play that followed the lecture. Some of the audience volunteered to read lines from scenes and explain what they thought each scene was about. / photo by Austen Beck Cody... 

‘Measure For Measure’ delivers laughs

Erum Jaffrey Staff Writer Trapped in the hands of a ruthless hypocrite, nun Isabella cannot release Lord Angelo’s lustful grip as he groped her body, pleading for Isabella to give up her chastity. Angelo releases his grip, failing to convince Isabella, as she leaves him shattered and ignites a fury in his unrelenting soul. The main characters in William Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” deal... 

Shakespeare play offers ‘Measure’ of humor

Shakespeare play offers 'Measure' of humor
Sophomore theater major Jordan Klomp and senior theater major Daniel Ramirez play the roles of Escalus and Lord Angelo in the upcoming production of “Measure For Measure.” The comedy addresses hypocrisy, justice, truth and mercy centered around the lives of several citizens in Vienna. The show premieres 7:30 p.m. April 24 in Dailey Theater and will run through May 4. / photo by Alison Rodriguez Alejandra... 

Directors take on Croatian humor: Gender-swaps included

Directors take on Croatian humor: Gender-swaps included
Karla Rendon Arts Editor The Department of Theatre Arts premiered “A Gaggle of Gavrans” as the directing class’ midterm last Wednesday and Thursday at the Jane Dibbell Cabaret. Forty people attended to see the two different 30 minute scenes. The first was “Chekhov Says Good-bye to Tolstoy” directed by Jake Tittl and the second was “Shakespeare and Elizabet” directed by Maryanne Householder... 

Directors take on Croatian humor: Students present their midterms in directing festival

Sophomore Mona Lutfi plays the role of Jasna in Gavran’s “All About Women” last Saturday night. The play dealt with two sisters who finally reconcile on their mother’s birthday after seven years of misunderstanding. Senior Jordan Randall directed the piece. / photo by Alison Rodriguez Cody Luk Assistant Arts Editor Student directors showcased their projects on Croatian playwright Miro Gavran’s... 

‘Art’ examines opinions and friendship

'Art' examines opinions and friendship
The theater arts department presented “Art” by Yasmina Reza, a senior project performed by Jacob Tittl, Alon Dina and Jordan Randall. The play is about the relationship between three friends who humorously argue about a white painting. “Art” was directed by David Flaten and ran from March 6 through March 11 in Dailey Theatre. / photo by Austen Beck Cody Luk Assistant Arts Editor Three best... 

Students perform opera classics

Students perform opera classics
Some of opera’s most famous pieces were performed in Morgan Auditorium Saturday night as a part of Opera Scenes, a course offered to students during January Interterm. The performance marked the end of the class and gave performers the opportunity to display what they have learned during the month-long course. / photo by Veronica Orozco    Read More →

Shakespeare poem praises rejection

Erum Jaffrey Staff Writer The La Verne Shakespeare Experience presented Misha Bouvion in her one-woman adaptation of “Venus and Adonis” in the Dailey Theatre on Feb. 14. “Venus and Adonis” is one of Shakespeare’s epic poems, narrating the life of Venus, goddess of love, being rejected by hunter Adonis. The stage was dimly lit, with one short stool as the anchor for all of Venus’ raging... 

Senior project sparks inspiration

Cody Luk Assistant Arts Editor A six-foot black box sits in the middle of Sneaky Park while curious passersby walk inside to find a mirror box with inspiring messages. This interactive installation, “Don’t Look,” is the senior project for Ariana Harris, senior theater major and working artist. It is a performance art piece with the audience being the performers. “I was inspired by Georgi Paro’s... 
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