Janis Dietz calls for student honor code

Janis Dietz, professor of business administration at the University of La Verne, offers her thoughts on cheating, graduating and national security.

The Wonder Years talk progress

There is no better feeling than watching the blossoming flower of a band grow into something as unique as the Wonder Years.

Only you can help save the planet

Instead of going green, let’s go efficient, because we are capable of preserving our home planet Earth.

Bollywood and the Indian culture took center stage at the Campus Activities Board’s Bollywood Night on Wednesday.

Many smokers call it an attack on their ever-dwindling freedoms, but if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs Senate Bill 4, public health and the environment will be much better off.

Ever wonder what John Williams’ music would have sounded like if he had picked the path of rocker and not composer? Well, ponder no more for a band reminiscent of the famous directors’ muse has released their debut album that will keep you listening for more.

Commentary:Opera is no longer intimidating

Five and a half hours of opera in pure German is not how I usually spend my Wednesday afternoons, but I made an exception on March 31.

Sean Dillon explains audience intimacy in 'Ring' lecture

Richard Wagner’s world was revealed to a group of 30 students and faculty members on April 8 at the lecture “Beyond the Mystic Chasm: Wagner Conjures for the Theater.”

Sunday was the second and final day of the 2010 Spring Classic Championship show at the Fairplex Equine Center.

Technology reforms research methods

Donna Bentley presented the essence of her new research in a lecture for students and faculty, concerning the implementation of tutorials for students’ research on Monday in the Presidents Dining Room.

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