Sports movies and classic American values have combined to form a brand new course for La Verne students that will surely get them thinking.

Cuts in education cut down the future

If there ever was a time to question the priorities of the United States it is now. Massive unemployment, political partisanship and ongoing debate as to why the financial system collapsed have riddled Washington. However a leading indicator of what our country has evolved into can be found in the allocation of how we spend money.


Samantha Sincock // Apr 30th, 2010

Campus and community arts events for April 30, 2010.

Sports results, schedule and standings for April 30, 2010.

A lack of education and the absence of cultural understanding were among the reasons cited for human rights violations in Afghanistan at the Afghanistan and State Building Symposium last Friday, hosted by the La Verne College of Law. The symposium, well attended by local and international dignitaries, featured panel speakers from Afghanistan, the U.S. Afghan Women’s Council and Harvard – all of whom shared their views on human rights violations.

A new report has revealed the University of La Verne passed the first phase of the rigorous re-accreditation process, which also means it still has work to do. The report, a capacity and preparatory review, was prepared by the Western Associa tion of Schools and Colleges and featured a list of praises and problems – many of which are related to the University’s lack of a shared vision.

More than 70 people, of whom many were lawyers, gathered in the Campus Center to examine the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the United States’ role in the rebuilding process.

Military, government, academia high-ranking officials and policymakers united for the common interest of law in post-conflict states – in this instance, Afghanistan.

Kathleen Lamkin outlines Wagner's genius

Professor of Music Kathleen Lamkin lectured on “Drama in Wagner’s ‘Ring:’ Music Propels the Action,” the last of the “Ring” lecture series, for 30 students and faculty members.

Make changes for us, not WASC

Now that the WASC team has concluded its Capacity and Preparatory Review, the University of La Verne has crucial steps to take to ensure that it gets reaccredited in 2011, when WASC returns.

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