With spring break upon us, students are getting a break from term papers and projects a month earlier than than they did last year.

It is hard to believe that only three years ago Manchester Orchestra came out with a little known album called “I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child.”

Now is the perfect time to put Hummer to sleep and when this is all behind us maybe, just maybe, it will go down in history as a gas-guzzling classic.

Although ULV offers clubs that support various minority groups, such as the Brother’s Forum, the Latino Student Alliance and the United Hermanos, the school lacks a structured, University-supported diversity center.

Victor Charoonratana, 25, senior international studies major, died in February in his sleep from unknown causes.

Student-athletes have to find more time to balance their hectic lifestyles consisting of sports and school work.

Early drug prevention is priority

The faculty lecture series on Monday featured Thierry Kolpin’s lecture, “Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug Prevention in the Third Grade.”

Wanted: One good candidate

California must be in really bad shape. Every day I read something that highlights that point, but the Golden State’s deep problems might be indicative of the group of politicians running for governor this year.

Campus and community arts events for March 12, 2010.

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