Origami animals roam in ‘Hacer’

A large steel magenta elephant towers a small violet mouse in the Harris Gallery’s latest exhibit, “Hacer: Shape Form Space” by artist Gerardo Hacer.

Women’s basketball held in check by Regals

The women’s basketball team lost to the Cal Lutheran Regals, 63-47, Saturday at Frantz Athletic Court.

“After the Disco,” the second collaborative effort from indie hallmarks Broken Bells, Shins frontman James Mercer and producer extraordinaire Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, sheds the skin of the duo’s self-titled debut and evolves into a gorgeously produced 11-track meeting of the minds.

Order of Omega fights hazing

Alumna Sigma Kappa member Genevieve Almendarez shows her support for anti-hazing efforts by adding her name to the Order of Omega’s display in Sneaky Park on Wednesday.

Please allow me to address five audiences on the topic of unionizing adjuncts.

A six-foot black box sits in the middle of Sneaky Park while curious passersby walk inside to find a mirror box with inspiring messages.

Reinforcing the concept of women in leadership positions, developing communication skills, and shaping women into pro-active thinkers are just some of the goals the SPARK Women’s Leadership conference wants to achieve on campus this semester.

<i>Book Review</i>: 'Office' actor pens quirky tales

When the publisher Knopf announced last year that Emmy Award-winning comedy actor B.J. Novak from “The Office” had signed on to a two-book seven figure deal, the assumptions were obvious. Novak would remain where he has had the most experience with: comedy.

In remembrance of those who died in foreign wars, the La Verne Veteran’s Memorial, dedicated on May 27, 2013, was recently completed.

Lecture addresses family literacy

Professor of Education Marga Madhuri lead the second installment of the spring Faculty Lecture series at noon on Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room to discuss the upcoming “University of La Verne’s Ninth Annual Family Literacy/Math Conference,” taking place on March 22 at the University.

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