Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new bill into law on Oct. 1 that would criminalize “revenge porn” – the distribution of online sexual images of an ex-lover or spouse to harass and humiliate them.

The women’s soccer team lost 3-1 Wednesday night against the Chapman Panthers at Ortmayer Stadium putting La Verne 3-3 in the Southern California Intercollegiate Ath­letic Conference and 6-6 overall.

Leopards maul Tigers, 3-1

In Wednesday’s game sophomore midfielder Ko Yajima guards the ball from Occidental forward Morgan Bennett-Smith and midfielder Matthew Riback.

ASULV hosted its first student forum of the fall semester on Oct. 3 on the South Quad.

<i>Commentary</i>: Fantasy football sacks productivity

Fantasy football is not simply a hobby anymore. It is a sports in itself. It is a lifestyle. It is an obsession.

Study proves brand name impact

In the University’s latest faculty lecture, professors Adham Chehab, Jeanny Liu and Yibo Xiao discussed whether positive relationships existed between brand value and earnings, and brand value and stock market reaction.

Vista residents are awaiting the dreaded email to let them know what day they have to begin parking in the off-campus shuttle lot, anticipated for some time this month after all of the renovations are done to that lot, thus beginning another chapter in the ULV parking rigamarole

Wearing your granddad’s clothes may not only make you look incredible but it can also land you on La Verne’s new fashion blog, La Vogue.

Overzealous fans take game too far

Sports fans are some of the most passionate people. However, some take it too far. It has come to the point in which teams fight until the final buzzer and fans fight to the death.

With 69 recognized clubs and organizations on campus, collaboration is key for clubs and student government. When so many different groups wish to organize activities, it is ASULV’s job to ensure the funds are going to the right place.

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