Debate team places second in Open

The La Verne Debate team is now ranked second in the nation after placing second in the final round of the National US Open at Claremont McKenna College Sunday. Team A, consisting of seniors Sam French and Carl Decker, brought home the award for the team.

Tradition hits rock bottom

There is something different about the lawn in front of Founders Hall; it is not like the rest of the grass on campus, it is dead. If the dead grass was not a big enough eyesore there is also an abnormal sized rock on the grass that sits on top of a slab of concrete.

LV turns Homecoming into circus

A week of Homecoming events culminated Saturday’s street fair, bringing together undergraduates, alumni and their families for a circus-themed event brought together by the Campus Activities Board.

Musicians blossom in new orchestra

A collectively unique-looking group of all ages, atypical to the musical ensembles you usually see at the University, gathered onstage with their violins, violas or cellos for their weekly rehearsal at Morgan Auditorium.

<i>Community News</i>: Pumpkin Patch pulls in new pets

La Verne’s 23rd annual Heritage Foundation Pumpkin Patch has returned to Heritage Park to bring Halloween spirit to residents and their families.

Julian Fellowes has brought back William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” to the big screen, with Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet Capulet and Douglas Booth as Romeo Montague, and set it back to its original 16th century form– away from its last film adaptation, Baz Luhrmann’s contemporary “Romeo + Juliet.”

Olson discusses prejudice at work

Associate Professor of Management and Leadership Deborah Olson presented her research “Mid and Late Career Growth: Engagement and Meaning” Monday in the President’s Dining Room, as part of the Faculty Lecture Series.

The Pomona College Orchestra performed Saturday night at the Mabel Shaw Bridges Hall of Music at the Pomona College.

Latino Student Forum kicked off its first dance of the semester filled with modern Spanish songs, Spanish classic tunes and refreshments to cool off students dancing along to DJ Bobkatt.

La Verne spiked by Pomona-Pitzer

The Leopards fell short in a 3-1 loss against Pomona-Pitzer Tuesday after the women broke under pressure in the fourth set.

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