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Racism in sports is unacceptable

Good-natured teasing and ribbing is expected between sports teams as they compete, but when racism is used to attack or belittle an opponent it is socially and morally unacceptable. During a basketball game on Feb. 3, a rivalry between Pittsburgh’s Brentwood High School and Monessen High School reached a new level of unsportsmanlike conduct when two students from the predominantly white Brentwood... 

Commentary: A misunderstood obsession

<i>Commentary</i>: A misunderstood obsession
Elsie Ramos, Sports Editor I have an obsession. And that obsession is sports. It began I was little and my dad signed me up for soccer. Every time there was a family event, we would build a makeshift goal and play a game of five on five. We would worship the soccer players on television; my idol was Mia Hamm. She was everything I wanted to be: fast, graceful and had excellent footwork. I remember asking... 
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