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ASULV funds new and old clubs for the fall

Des Delgadillo Staff Writer With 69 recognized clubs and organizations on campus, collaboration is key for clubs and student government. When so many different groups wish to organize activities, it is The Associated Students of La Verne’s, job to ensure the funds are going to the right place. “There’s a lot of different requirements that clubs have to meet in order to receive funding at the... 

Mentalist leaves students stunned

Mentalist leaves students stunned
To close “welcome back week:” festivities, mentalist Sean Bott performed in the Campus Center ballroom Feb. 7. His numerous acts left the audience mystified. Sophomores Caiti Helsper and Kayla Hockman were asked to come to the stage and pick a page in the book Bott was holding. As they decided on the page and memorized the number, he closed the book then opened it again and had them look for... 

Students plan for traditional Halloween fun

Ingrid Rodriguez Staff Writer With Halloween just around the corner, University of La Verne students are not discouraged by their age and have shared their plans and costume ideas for this holiday. Many college students go out to costume parties on Halloween but others still hold on to their childhood tradition of going door to door asking for candy. “The whole point of Halloween is to go trick-or-treating,”... 
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