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Commentary: No such thing as ‘American’ food

Alex Forbess, Food Editor There is so much fighting occurring in the United States. The biggest struggle is how to secure our borders and maintain a fair procedure of obtaining citizenship. Lawmakers, lobbyists and activists are sharing their views to figure out how these potential citizens can experience the American Dream, even in food. Yes, some people may take advantage of indulging in too much... 

Commentary: Food freedoms in jeopardy

<i>Commentary</i>: Food freedoms in jeopardy
Alex Forbess, Food Editor We love to eat; let us not deny this. Everything we do gives us an excuse to eat and drink what we crave most. One person will work out for extensive hours so his metabolism will burn anything, while another is thinking since he earned a 4.0 GPA, a strawberry doughnut from the Donut Man should compensate him for the hours he put in studying. However, with diet-related health... 

Commentary: Real change starts with cooperation

<i>Commentary</i>: Real change starts with cooperation
Alex Forbess, Editorial Director The horror: It has been three days since Barack Obama won the election and people are suffering from this event. Houses set on fire, possessions being taken by an authoritative government, to name a few of the many immoral acts that have occurred just before Obama addressed the nation stating how honored he is to hold his position for four more years. Romney and his... 

Commentary: Shame on our candidates

<i>Commentary</i>: Shame on our candidates
Illustration by Jacob Bogdanoff Alex Forbess, Editorial Director I was selfish; forgive me for being so blind last week. Sometimes politics puts me in a bad mood. Last week’s column was used as a way to vent about the endless, repetitive acts I have seen from President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Even though it still irritates that it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to... 

Commentary: Debate proves to be a school yard brawl

<i>Commentary</i>: Debate proves to be a school yard brawl
Alex Forbess, Editorial Director So here is the storyline of the presidential debates the United States have seen so far. First, it was anarchy with Republican nominee Mitt Romney throwing more misinterpreted facts, yet President Barack Obama was too zoned out to counter-attack, which led some political junkies to his work. Then there was the Vice-Presidential Debate on Oct. 11, where it was a “release... 

Commentary: Democracy in the 21st century: What a joke

<i>Commentary</i>: Democracy in the 21st century: What a joke
Alex Forbess, Editorial Director It was chaos; disgusting glorious chaos. That is pretty much what I can say about Wednesday’s general debate. Overall, I fooled myself. Despite all the negative, sometimes irrelevant, garbage that both parties have been throwing at each other, I believed that President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney would take those 90 minutes to present... 

Commentary: Hey, America, change takes time

<i>Commentary</i>: Hey, America, change takes time
Alex Forbess, Staff Writer It is all right, America; these four years have been frustrating, but you will rejoice once you witness President Barack Obama being kicked out of office during the inauguration. Republicans can pat themselves on the back as they revealed that Obama’s mission for change was a lie, stating it would lead to numerous failures and excessive government control. So relax, because... 
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