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Commentary: Minority faiths should be acknowledged

<i>Commentary</i>: Minority faiths should be acknowledged
Amanda Nieto, Arts Editor When Americans hear about religion being taught in schools many shudder in disgust, but when the religion being taught is considered an occult faith they freeze in apprehension. The Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education in England has added paganism as another faith to be taught in Cornish schools. The syllabus states that pagan faiths will be taught alongside Christianity,... 

Commentary: A psychonaut’s adventures in videoland

<i>Commentary</i>: A psychonaut's adventures in videoland
Amanda Nieto, Arts Editor Journalists are driven by curiosity. Their job is centered on asking questions, finding answers and relaying their findings to an audience. Hamilton Morris, a 24-year-old writer and filmmaker, is one such curious seeker who has taken his work to other-worldly dimensions through his quest to bring firsthand accounts on psychedelic drugs. In his series for titled “Hamilton’s... 

Commentary: ‘Twilight’ saga fails to sparkle

<i>Commentary</i>: ‘Twilight’ saga fails to sparkle
Amanda Nieto, LV Life Editor With next Friday’s release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part One,” many fans are rereading books and polishing lines from the movies. However, for those who have managed to evade the disease that is “Twilight,” I commend your dedication to entertainment and literary standards. I am obviously far from being a Twihard, and in all honesty I cannot understand... 
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