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La Verne sets the alarm for 6 a.m.

Liz Ortiz Staff Writer Beginning next semester, the University of La Verne will implement a new scheduling concept, called “sunrise college,” and some classes will begin as early as 6 a.m. According to the email that was sent to University students, the registrar’s office said that the classes will appeal to “morning people” who are ready to learn and be active during earlier hours. Elementary... 

Cartoons encourage children battling cancer

Kellie Galentine Staff Writer Dominic, Bella, McKenna, Ayden and Erin – names appearing on the five rubber bracelets worn around Jenny Formica’s left wrist. These five names represent more than children battling cancer. For Formica, these names are friends, purpose, hope and the reason that she started Courageous Cartoons. Courageous Cartoons is a brand new club on campus this semester created... 

Some favor 3-year graduation plan

The trend toward three-year college degrees draws opinions from both sides. Aisha Gonzales Staff Writer The economic downturn has strained the already tight budgets of college students to the point that many are looking to cut corners – and one way is by shortening their time in school from four years to three. Some institutions across the nation are making it easier for students to get their degree... 
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