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Singing shows are old news

For more than a decade singing competitions have filled primetime slots on TV. With the promise of lucrative record contracts, fame and millions of adoring fans, year after year people continue to line up for days and audition in front of professionals. “American Idol” was one of the first singing competitions, and TV executives saw the popularity of it and have ran with it ever since. “The Sing... 

Commentary: Real talent allowed to shine in ‘The Voice’

<i>Commentary</i>: Real talent allowed to shine in ‘The Voice’
Lauren Creiman, LV Life Editor The debut of “American Idol” in 2002 created a new model of singing competition that was praised as the contest for the people. The genius behind the show was the opportunity for average Americans to audition and compete for a record deal. However, “American Idol” has turned away many talented artists due to their age, appearance or personal choices, making it... 
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