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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I read your editorial about ASULV not doing their job as leaders at the university (“ASULV not providing leadership,” Sept. 21). May I say that you are sadly mistaken. Yes, I see that people might first think that ASULV and CAB are similar, but that is not the case. Being part of the Office of Student Life for the last two years, ASULV has provided more than, a free meal and a free... 

First person experience: Conference helps build ULV’s future leaders

Anthony Juarez Staff Writer My experience at the National Association for Campus Activities West regional conference left me in awe as I watched rock bands and comedians perform while being surrounded by hundreds of spirited college students from around the world. The University of La Verne’s ASULV and CAB, with clubs from colleges from around the world met in Spokane, Wash., for the fun-filled conference. The... 
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