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LV students would rather be broke than sick

Liz Ortiz Staff Writer In a recent informal survey, students at the University were asked if they would be willing to be infected with the flu for $3,000. Thirteen out of the 20 students interviewed said they would not be willing to get sick for the money. During the flu season, people do everything in their power to avoid getting sick, but now the National Institutes of Health is offering participants... 

Cartoons encourage children battling cancer

Kellie Galentine Staff Writer Dominic, Bella, McKenna, Ayden and Erin – names appearing on the five rubber bracelets worn around Jenny Formica’s left wrist. These five names represent more than children battling cancer. For Formica, these names are friends, purpose, hope and the reason that she started Courageous Cartoons. Courageous Cartoons is a brand new club on campus this semester created... 
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