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Senior Screening presents student creativity

Des Delgadillo Copy Chief A wave of support from students, faculty and family members packed the 150-seat auditorium in La Fetra Lecture Hall on Sunday for the communications department’s Senior Screening. The crowded auditorium left some seatless spectators spilling into the equally cluttered aisles just to get a closer look at what their friends had created. A culmination of creative efforts, the... 

Spirit Squad gets set to soar again

Spirit Squad gets set to soar again
Group adds five new members In preparation for Spirit Squad tryouts, Ashley Rozatti leads a group of potential members in practice cheers. The tryouts consisted of separate groups of potential members who performed cheers based on various sport situations. For example; the judges asked the potential members to perform a cheer based on a scenario that the football team is on defense and the opposing... 
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