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Bank of America bites the hands that feed

The banking industry has proven once again that it is a capitalist machine that will work toward increasing revenue and disregard those it is meant to work for. Last week Bank of America announced that it would begin charging a $5 monthly fee to customers using their debit cards. This new fee is scheduled to begin at the beginning of next year and will be implemented in certain states before charging... 

Be skeptical of new credit laws

Be skeptical of new credit laws
Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas You see what happens when you let the free market dictate how it treats its consumers? Not only are people taken advantage of, they know they are and yet they usually can’t do much about it. However on Feb. 22, the Obama administration finally took steps to rein in predatory practices by banks and credit card companies. Did they go far enough? Probably not,... 

Don't let local banks tank

The economic woes of our country seep into the most curious of trends. Like many Americans, we understand that the protection of our finances protects the American Dream. Keeping this precaution in mind, it’s easy to see how many citizens might want to avoid the idea of community banks. But the taboo of small, inconvenient and unknown local banks and credit unions will soon disappear with the rising... 
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Overdrafts no longer a nightmare

Overdrafts no longer a nightmare
Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas Banks have always been a person’s best friend, or worst enemy. And lately, banks have not been enjoying the limelight during the economic recession and the public’s ire at being bailed out while other industries were left to go bankrupt, leaving the banks to reassess many of their policies that, while it benefitted them during the economic boom, now are... 
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