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Big Sean makes big noise at LaVernapalooza

Julian Mininsohn Sports Editor From students who just wanted to see a great show, to die-hard fans who painted Big Sean’s adlibs and catch phrases on their shirts, last Thursday’s concert had it all. Hundreds of students and Big Sean fans piled into the Fox Theater in Pomona for an eclectic night of music at the University’s annual LaVernapalooza event. Big Sean headlined the show, entertaining... 

Misogyny headlines La Vernapalooza

If the lyrics: “Beating and stabbing it / Speaking of stabbing it where ya bitch she just text me,” don’t tickle your fancy. Then maybe: “She wants to touch me / She wants to love me / She’ll never leave me / Don’t trust a ho / Never trust a ho” or “See the switch when she walk / Give the bitch an applause / My bitch, call her my bitch if I want” will fulfill your need for... 
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